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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorced in 2015. Since then, Shelton has gone on to marry Gwen Stefani and Lambert is now married to former NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin. While Lambert has happily moved on, she recently admitted in an interview with Esquire that she knew fans could tell how sad she was following her divorce from Shelton.

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert perform during ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute To The Troops
(L-R): Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert | Kevin Winter/ACMA2014/Getty Images for ACM

Miranda Lambert had a fan approach her ‘at a meet-and-greet’

Lambert and Shelton married in 2011 after becoming engaged in 2010. They divorced in 2015. Because Lambert and Shelton were considered a powerhouse couple in country music, their divorce drew national media attention.

In April 2022, Esquire published a new interview with Lambert. In the interview, Lambert revealed that a fan once approached her “at a meet-and-greet” to “tell” Lambert she knew the country singer was sad after the divorce.

“I’m sorry that you felt that for me, because it was real,” Lambert told Esquire. “I had a fan tell me at a meet-and-greet a couple years ago, ‘I’m so glad to see you happy, because I saw you twice when you were sad—and I was crying with you.’ So I’m sorry that I showed you that, but one thing I’m not is fake.”

Miranda Lambert thought going through ‘a very public divorce’ from Blake Shelton was difficult

Speaking with Esquire, Lambert expanded on how challenging it was to tour while going through “a very public divorce.”

“My life was in a bad place. I was not at my best emotionally, I was exhausted, I was going through horrible personal things and a very public divorce. And it’s hard because the show must go on, because we’re there and the fans are there,” Lambert said.

She continued, “You don’t get to call in sad, you just go do it. I think about those shows during that time—and there was a lot of them—and it was just like, Man, this is normally when a person would go grieve, in quiet, and heal, but I was on tour. There wasn’t any time.”


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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have both moved on

While their divorce may have been difficult to go through at the time, both Lambert and Shelton have remarried and seemingly moved on with their lives.

Lambert married McLoughlin in January 2019. In her interview with Esquire, Lambert shared that spending quality time with her husband is important to her.

“I want to take my Airstream down Route 66 with my husband—and I also want to maybe write a song and get an Oscar nomination. But I can balance those two things way better when I’m dreaming about the life part, and not just the career part. I’ve blocked all of July ‘ML N/A’—not available. I’m going to go to Texas to float on the river,” Lambert told Esquire.