Miranda Lambert Has Always Been a Worrier

Miranda Lambert is one of country music’s biggest stars. While Lambert is famous and incredibly successful, she has given multiple interviews over the years that she is a worrier at heart. Even though Lambert often finds herself feeling overwhelmed, she has used her emotions and real-life experiences to make her music.

Miranda Lambert attends the 2022 Time 100 Gala
Miranda Lambert | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Miranda Lambert thinks she is ‘always anxious’

Lambert’s first major label debut came in 2005, and since then the singer-songwriter has steadily climbed to the top of the country music industry.

In past interviews, Lambert revealed that she has been plagued with doubt and fear since she was a teenager.

“I would tell my 17-year-old self that it’s all going to be okay because I was a little worried about it, and I still kind of am, but I had anxiety about every little bitty thing when I was 17, so I just tell myself it’s going to work out,” Lambert told Seventeen Magazine in 2009.

Later on in her career, Lambert was interviewed by Marie Claire in 2014. During the interview, Lambert admitted that she is “always anxious.”

“I’m always anxious. I will worry myself into oblivion. I was trying to make everything regimented, and it caused too much stress. I learned everything doesn’t have to be perfect. That sometimes it’s OK to say, ‘I don’t want to be the boss today. I have PMS. Bother someone else.’ I like things better flawed anyway,” Lambert told the magazine.

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The pandemic was hard for the country singer

When lockdown and quarantine began for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020, Lambert admitted to fans that she had “anxiety” about the ordeal on social media.

On March 27, 2020, Lambert published a lengthy Instagram post updating fans on how she felt about the pandemic.

“I haven’t really known what to say on social media during all this. I’m not great at socials anyway and a time like this makes it that much more difficult for me to figure out how to be. Tuesday of this week is when I finally realized I could unpack,” Lambert wrote on Instagram.

She continued, “For the next few months for me there are no shows, no sound checks, no bus calls, no flights. Just home. Once I processed it, I actually got a feeling of peace even though , like all of us, my anxiety about the sate of the world right now is still through the roof.”

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Miranda Lambert uses her real life as inspiration in her music

While Lambert has been known to write about other people and characters like in her 2022 album Palomino, the singer-songwriter also uses her own life as inspiration.

Following her divorce from country music singer Blake Shelton, Lambert released a song called “Vice” in 2016.

Speaking with The Tennessean, Lambert explained the meaning of the song and how she has learned to own her honesty and “imperfections.”

“Everybody has a vice of some sort,” Lambert said. “Sometimes when you’re going through something in your life, you may run to some things you shouldn’t and run from some things you shouldn’t. I think this song is an opportunity to just be honest and own it and say, ‘Yeah, I have some imperfections, and I live a life and here and there I might get in a pickle.’”

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