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Country star Miranda Lambert’s average Joe husband, Brendan McLoughlin, needs to update his style, fashion-conscious fans say. Lambert, who’s in the midst of a blockbuster Las Vegas residency, enjoys all the usual celebrity perks, including a stylist. But some followers think her husband should refresh his wardrobe to match his wife’s celebrity style.

In nearly every public photo, the couple looks well-dressed. So, is this fan reaction just nitpicking? Or are the loudest voices in the online country music scene onto something about Miranda Lambert’s handsome husband?

Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan McLoughlin is a former police officer

Miranda Lambert husband Brendan McLoughlin style
Miranda Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin | Jason Davis/Getty Images for ACM; Gotham/GC Images

After divorcing Blake Shelton in 2015, the “Geraldene” singer didn’t marry another country star. Instead, she went with a cop, Brendan McLoughlin, after friends set them up. The two met in November 2018 and tied the knot only two months later.

McLoughlin left the New York Police Department soon after marrying the country superstar. The couple splits time between Lambert’s Nashville-area farm and a New York home near McLoughlin’s family.

They have one child from McLoughlin’s previous marriage and numerous animals on their farm. Part of their bonding process was in Lambert introducing the NYC native to rural life — everything from hikes to caring for horses.

Miranda Lambert’s fans critique her husband’s fashion sense

On December 3, Miranda Lambert took to social media to post photos of herself and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, out and about in Vegas. The city has become the couple’s de facto third home, thanks to the singer’s ongoing Velvet Rodeo residency. They’re often seen in public in the area, enjoying one of the most exciting cities while posted up there for a while.

A recent photo Lambert posted on Instagram prompted fans to comment on McLoughlin’s city-boy style. Mostly, followers zeroed in on his jeans.

“Oh gravy, sister! You gotta help the hubby in the wardrobe department,” Instagram user mayberryhousewife wrote. “Get him some bootcut jeans for Christmas. I had to get mine outta the carpenter jean phase.”

Another follower, kbbeale, replied, “At least someone said it!! Goodness … nothin’ says, ‘you ain’t country,’ like skinny jeans.”

Others were more forgiving about his urban style and instead commented on the obvious: “He’s a cutie.”

Lambert’s Las Vegas residency is one of the hottest acts in Sin City


Miranda Lambert Drives 30 Minutes Out of Her Way for 1 Favorite Snack

Fans will have plenty of opportunity to compare and contrast Lambert’s immaculate country fashion with her husband’s pedestrian city style. Taste of Country reports that her Velvet Rodeo residency will keep her in Vegas longer than the originally planned April 2023 curtain call.

The show’s dates at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino have been extended through 2023. After a three-month spring break, the 16 additional shows announced so far are front-loaded in the summer, beginning in July.

Her show is appropriately big for Vegas. The singer-songwriter goes full glitz, glamor, and pyrotechnics for this iteration of her stage show. The program makes full use of the indoor setting, ranging from bombastic fireworks (Lambert’s jacket shoots actual fire during one segment) to intimate, low-key moments for her quieter songs.

The setlist was planned for Velvet Rodeo before any production design was considered. Fans can expect smooth transitions from loud statements like “Kerosene” to the calm and contemplative vibes of her Palomino songs. And if they keep an eye out, they might also glimpse a handsome New Yorker in a pair of skinny jeans.