Miranda Lambert Once Donated a Deer She Killed to the NRA’s Hunters for the Hungry

Miranda Lambert rose to fame with Nashville Star and became one of the biggest names in country music. The singer has a highly decorated career that spans years, and while her talent always takes center stage when her name comes up, Lambert is also skilled in another field.

The country musician used her hunting skills to kill a deer and donated it to the NRA’s Hunters for the Hungry.

Miranda Lambert performs on stage
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Miranda Lambert eats everything she hunts

Lambert grew up in rural Texas in an environment where hunting was a prerequisite of life. She told Field and Stream in 2008 that she loves hunting because it gives her a chance to “recharge” and clear her head. “When I’m out there in the woods, I don’t have to be Miranda Lambert. I can just be Miranda,” she said.

The singer told the outlet that her first kill was an 8-point buck, which she killed in 2004 using a .243 bolt action. She said that while she enjoys hunting with guns, she loves using arrows and bows to make her kills. “I absolutely love it. It feels more intimate,” Lambert said.

By the time she sat down for the interview, Lambert said she had experienced success with her kills, saying,

“I’ve shot three bullets and two arrows. And I’ve killed five animals. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop because I know my time is almost over.”

Lambert is proud that she and her family eat everything they kill. However, she also said she keeps trophies to remind her of her hunting success. Lambert said she had three bucks which she mounted at her house.

“The first one is my first deer, the little 8-pointer. He was pretty wide but didn’t have a lot of mass,” Lambert said. “I have another 8-pointer I killed last year in Texas, a 145, mounted as well,” she explained. “I also have a pretty nice axis buck that I got hunting in South Texas,” she added.

Miranda Lambert donated a deer she killed to the NRA’s Hunters for the Hungry

While explaining that nothing she hunts goes to waste or is done for sport, Lambert revealed that she once donated a deer to the Hunters for the Hungry initiative the year before. She said, “I know everyone has their opinions, but to me, as hunters, we are helping to preserve the outdoors.”

Hunters for the Hungry is a program supported by the National Rifle Association. The organization aims to help communities by supplying food to needy people across the country. Through the NRA, Hunters for the Hungry partners with other state programs to connect interested individuals with the programs in their local area.

They also seek to foster public awareness about what they do through education, publicity, and fundraising. According to the Hunters for the Hungry official website, since its introduction, the initiative has supplied “hundreds of thousands of pounds of venison to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks” across the country.

Miranda Lambert served a feast she hunted herself at her wedding to Blake Shelton

Shelton and Lambert began dating in 2006 and got engaged four years later, in 2010. Their wedding happened at a ranch in Texas on May 14, 2011, and featured a quirky food item hunted by Lambert herself.

When planning their wedding, the country duo decided to add venison to the menu. However, they opted not to purchase the meat from a vendor, with Lambert opting to put in the work for her guests, deciding to hunt the venison instead.

Lambert and Shelton shared a love for hunting, with the “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” singer saying in the 2008 interview that she enjoyed hunting with her then-boyfriend, Shelton.

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