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When Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton divorced in 2015, she “wasn’t prepared” for the subsequent tabloid frenzy. Read on to learn more about the rumors that plagued the country music couple, how she handled gossip about their split, and how they’ve moved on since then.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, shown performing on 'The Voice,' went through a public divorce
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton | Trae Patton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s marriage was the subject of rumors of infidelity

When Lambert and Shelton divorced, fans loved them so much that some observers just had to know why. And the most straightforward conclusion for some to jump to was that one or the other cheated.

Allegations of an affair between Lambert and country musician Chris Young were so widespread that he eventually responded to deny the rumors, which he told ET “shocked” him. But he said Shelton laughed off the reports when he called him to talk about them.

Still, Young said it didn’t feel good to be in that scenario, even if they could laugh about it. “Man it sucks that I got put in this situation with two people who are my friends,” he explained. “It’s just so weird getting pulled into something like that where it just wasn’t true.”

But other speculation had Shelton pegged as the cheater, pointing to late musician Cady Groves as his alleged lover. And some thought her deleted Twitter activity was plenty of evidence that the rumors were true (per Jezebel.) For the record, Shelton denied a romance with Groves, who died in 2020.

Miranda Lambert’s divorce from Blake Shelton was a tabloid-frenzy she ‘wasn’t prepared’ for

Lambert revealed in an interview with CBS News that she “wasn’t prepared” for her divorce from Shelton to be picked apart by the press and public (per ET). “Well, I don’t think anybody is,” she added. “And it’s not nice sometimes.”

But she tried to keep a good attitude throughout the process, despite the negativity. “I think you got to take it with a grain of salt and know that I’m a singer-songwriter so luckily I can tell my whole truth,” she said. “I will not lie in my music.”

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have moved on after their divorce


Miranda Lambert Said Fans Could Tell She Was Sad While Performing During Blake Shelton Divorce

While Lambert wasn’t quite ready for life after a celebrity divorce, she eventually got back on her feet. And her love life seems to be on track. Her secret wedding to former NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin after a less than three-month courtship led to a marriage that’s been going strong since January 2019.

According to Lambert, she has a better perspective on what she wants now. And she said her marriage to McLoughlin is “like some kind of Hallmark movie or something.”

“The redneck from Texas meets this beautiful NYPD officer on the street in New York, but it actually happened that way,” she told Good Morning America (per ET.)

Meanwhile, Shelton moved on and married his fellow coach on The Voice, Gwen Stefani. Though they started dating all the way back in 2015, they didn’t tie the knot until 2021.