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Country singer Miranda Lambert has been doing her best to balance her personal life with her career. In July, Lambert went on a “glamping” trip with her husband Brendan McLoughlin and their friends. During an interview with the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert explained why she was making time off a priority for her.

Miranda Lambert attends the 2022 Time 100 Gala
Miranda Lambert | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Miranda Lambert thinks it’s ‘important’ to take time off

On Aug. 8, the Best of US99 podcast published a new episode with Lambert. In the interview, Lambert was asked how she balances her busy career with her personal life.

“I think it’s important for everybody. I mean, burnout is such a real thing,” Lambert said on the podcast. “And you don’t even realize it until you take a break. And a lot of us don’t take a long enough break. By the time we’re gone on vacation a week, it took us three days to calm down.”

She continued, “And then it’s time to go back to work and I’m like ‘The Europeans do it right.’ They’re like ‘We’re going on holiday see you all in a month!’ Like yes, more of that.”

The country singer shared that quarantining for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic “taught” her “an important lesson.”

“I’m sure that 2020 taught us that more than ever. But I’m keeping that close because I think it was an important lesson for all of us,” Lambert said.

Miranda Lambert went on a trip with her husband Brendan McLoughlin

In July, Lambert and McLoughlin began an extensive “glamping” trip on their Airstream trailer with their friends Gwen Sebastian and Louis Newman.

Lambert kept fans updated about the trip on social media, showing fans that the group spent 20 days traveling through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

On social media, Lambert posted photos of the group of friends hiking, whitewater rafting, and sightseeing.

Speaking with the Best of US99 podcast, Lambert shared that she feels taking time off makes her more productive.

“I’m so much better at what I do, and for my friends and family, and just as a person, if I can live a life and have a lot of, you know, a balance of down time and work time,” Lambert said.

She added, “I feel so much more inspired when I am rested.”


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The country singer plans to travel more often

This is not the first time Lambert has discussed her desire to spend more time vacationing. In an interview with Esquire, Lambert admitted that she planned to focus more on her personal life over her career.

“When I start thinking about my goals for the next decade, a lot of it is life stuff,” Lambert told Esquire. “I want to take my Airstream down Route 66 with my husband—and I also want to maybe write a song and get an Oscar nomination. But I can balance those two things way better when I’m dreaming about the life part, and not just the career part.”