Miranda Lambert Reveals the Song That’s ‘Hard to Get Through’ in Her ‘Velvet Rodeo’ Las Vegas Residency

In September, country singer Miranda Lambert launched her Las Vegas residencyMiranda Lambert: Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency. The residency is currently set to end in July 2023, and it has an expansive setlist that showcases Lambert’s discography. In an interview with Music Connection, Lambert revealed that one song in particular is “hard to get through.”

Miranda Lambert performs onstage with a blue guitar
Miranda Lambert | Jon Morgan/CBS via Getty Images

Lambert released her album Palomino in April 2022. The album showcases Lambert’s songwriting and tells stories from different perspectives and characters.

Speaking with Music Connection, Lambert revealed that the song “Carousel” from Palomino is a challenging but rewarding song on the Velvet Rodeo setlist.

“It’s a huge moment in the show. It’s not stripped down, but it’s more dramatic because of lighting and production. Sometimes it’s hard to get through. Being a writer on it, I’m still so in it and so wrapped up in the story every time I sing it. And it’s heartbreaking. Singing it every night, I want to make sure that I’m getting the story across,” Lambert explained.

She continued, “I sing as close to the mic as I can, and we use the tricks of the trade with the lighting and everything. That’s something I appreciate about the Las Vegas setting. You can highlight lyrics more because you’re indoors and it’s controlled. For a song like that, it’s really cool to set it up and make the production a part of the story.”

How Miranda Lambert made her ‘Velvet Rodeo’ setlist

Lambert made her major label debut in 2005, and her most recent album was released in 2022. Because of this, the singer has a great deal of songs to choose from when making a setlist.

“We spent a lot of time on the song selection. It’s what started the whole thing. We didn’t do any design or production until we honed in on the set list. My musical director, Danny Mitchell, went through my whole catalog. Our biggest question was how do we get from ‘Kerosene’ to Palomino?” Lambert told Music Connection.

The singer-songwriter continued, “I wanted to have some nostalgia, and have some video elements, as well. Those videos really were such a part of the songs, like ‘Kerosene’ for instance.”


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The singer thinks one part from ‘Velvet Rodeo’ is ‘cool’

In the interview with Music Connection, Lambert went into detail about what it has been like having a Las Vegas residency.

“I like the fact that every seat is a good seat, and it is intimate, because it’s a theater. The fact that it’s a stationary show, where we don’t have to move our stuff every night with the trucks and travel to the next city allows us to have so much more production that we’ve ever had before,” said Lambert.

The country then shared one of her favorite moments from her Velvet Rodeo show.

“The cross between a big production and everyone able to see is a successful juxtaposition. And my jacket catches on fire, which is pretty d*** cool.”