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The marriage of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton is now looked at as very past tense, even if it had some interesting details still worth remembering. Part of that is how down-to-earth they both were when first linking up. Both were from the U.S. South, albeit Lambert being from Texas and Shelton from Oklahoma.

Nevertheless, they both knew about rural life and really clicked considering they were country music stars on the rise in 2006. They dated for five years before finally tying the knot in 2011.

Their famous wedding had one quirky thing about it that fans may have forgotten. Yes, when the wedding feast was put together, Lambert went hunting for a particular animal, controversially.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were venison fans

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert arrive at the 57th Grammy Awards.
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

When planning their wedding dinner, Lambert and Shelton decided venison was going to be on the menu. Rather than buy it from an outsider, Lambert decided to hunt the venison herself.

Being from rural Texas, she grew up in an environment where hunting for food was a prerequisite of life. Shelton did much the same, including frequently hunting buck in Tishomingo, Oklahoma where he later lived.

Back in 2010, just before marrying Lambert, Shelton was seen hunting a large buck to celebrate his win for Male Vocalist of the Year at the CMAs. While he had to fight off groups like PETA about his hunting prowess, he still defends the practice to this day.

No wonder he and Lambert seemed so simpatico a decade ago. Her bravado on hunting led to her catching their own wedding venison, including showing it off in a picture.

The guests at the Lambert-Sheldon wedding had no qualms

Apparently many of the guests who showed up to the couple’s wedding never batted an eye about eating the venison Lambert caught. With so many animal activists in the entertainment industry, this might have been a risky move.

Lambert proudly showed off a photo of her catch on Twitter, with the words: “Last thing loaded for the wedding!!! Harvested by….me!!!!!” On the package, one could see the words “Deer Cutlets”, perhaps making some people cheer in glee and others bristle with disgust.

Based on the above E! Online report, Lambert and Shelton often went to a local butcher shop to have their deer catches turned into cutlets for ongoing meals. To them, venison at their wedding just made sense and represented who they were.

Ultimately, their split had nothing to do with their views on hunting and more about relationships. Shelton’s current relationship with Gwen Stefani, ironically, has some major differences of opinions about hunting.

At least Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton loved their dogs


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During the wedding, other media sites noted Lambert and Shelton brought their pet dogs to the event, something more than a bit unconventional. Perhaps this gives them points for animal lovers, even if hunting deer is likely an ongoing sore point.

As literally down-to-earth as the couple was, their marriage was obviously not meant to last. Now, with Shelton heavily involved with Gwen Stefani, the two have reportedly clashed on the hunting Shelton does.

Being a vegan from California, Stefani obviously disagrees about him hunting deer. Reportedly, none of this has affected their relationship through the old adage of opposites always attracting.

Whether Lambert has experienced the same with her new husband (NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin) is unknown. Considering both were married in Tennessee, he may be fully on-board with hunting. Lambert’s Instagram post to him last year saying: “My heart is full. Thank you Brendan Mcloughlin for loving me for…. me,” seems to suggest venison is probably for dinner often enough.