Miranda Lambert’s Weight Loss Journey Started Before Her Split From Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert is currently in the best shape of her life. While the country star credits her new husband, Brendan McLoughlin, for helping her shed the extra pounds, her weight loss journey started way back in 2013 when she was still married to Blake Shelton. Here’s a look at how Shelton helped Lambert get her weight back on track.

Miranda Lambert Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in 2014 | Photo by Kevin Winter/ACMA2014/Getty Images for ACM

Inside Miranda Lambert’s 2013 weight loss

In the months leading up to the 2013 CMA Awards, Lambert set a goal to shed one dress size before the award ceremony. To reach her goal, Lambert started doing more cardio and circuit training and also increased her juice diet.

After losing the weight, Lambert revealed that Shelton also played a big role in getting her motivated to keep up the good work.

“He said, ‘I have never had a problem with any way you look at any point — you are beautiful to me at any size and every size,'” Miranda Lambert shared. “But he has been proud of my hard work on this. He brags on me. That makes me feel great.”

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Shelton was not the only person who noticed Lambert’s slimmer look. Friends and fans of the country star also saw that she was losing weight, which only motivated her even more.

In fact, Lambert fed off the positive reactions she was getting and believes they helped push her to stay healthy. While working out and drinking juices helped Lambert get in the best shape of her life, she also made some significant changes to her diet.

Lambert ditches these unhealthy foods

In order to trim the fat, Miranda Lambert stopped eating some of her favorite junk foods. According to Taste of Country, the country singer stopped buying Cheetos and similar yummy snacks, but there is one thing she refused to give up.

Although Lambert was willing to sacrifice a lot to get in shape, she was unwilling to give up alcohol. Kicking alcohol was apparently never an option for Lambert, who jokingly said it is a must in order to deal with Blake Shelton’s antics.

“I didn’t give up drinking,” she stated. “I refused. You have to drink to put up with my husband!”

Drinking was still on the table, though Lambert did cut her consumption in half. She also hired a personal trainer so that she could continue her workouts while on tour.

Some of her favorite exercises were lunges and anything using resistance bands. She also enjoyed incorporating a lot of cardio into her workouts, which whipped her into shape in no time.

How has Brendan McLoughlin helped Miranda Lambert stay healthy?

Unfortunately, Shelton and Lambert’s marriage only lasted until 2015 when they both agreed to file for divorce. Shelton went on to date Gwen Stefani, his co-star on The Voice, while Lambert finally found love earlier this year.

After only a few months of dating, Lambert and McLoughlin tied the knot in secret. They announced their nuptials a few months after the fact and have been going strong ever since.

While Shelton was good motivation for Miranda Lambert to lose weight, McLoughlin now fills that role in her life. And we have to say, McLoughlin is a lot more fit than Shelton.

In a recent interview, Lambert revealed that McLoughlin is often her running body, and she needs the extra help because she cannot stand the activity.

And after they wrap up a run together, McLoughlin usually does his serious running for the day, which is apparently too much for Lambert to handle.

Lambert opens up about her weight struggles

The country singer has done a great job managing her weight over the years, but it has not always been easy. Miranda Lambert recently admitted that her weight is in constant flux, depending on the time of year and her diet.

But in recent months, Lambert has gotten better at controlling her cravings and has reached a point where she is completely comfortable with how she looks in the mirrors.

“It’s so good to find your place,” she explained. “I don’t like being onstage worrying about my body. That’s the last thing I want to be thinking about. I don’t give my best performance when I’m distracted by my insecurities.”

Lambert added that she feels the best when she is happy with the rest of her life. Even if her weight is under, she can still feel miserable if other areas of her life are not going as planned — which is very relatable.

Luckily, things are looking up for Miranda Lambert, at least in the romance department. The singer has been spending more and more time with her husband now that they are officially married, and he is still on leave from his job as a police officer in New York City.