‘Modern Family’: The Best Cam Moments That Will Live on Forever

Modern Family has kept us laughing for the greater part of the last decade, but the show is in its final season with the premiere set to air September 25. Fans are sad to see the show go, but with 10 years of episodes, we will have enough reruns to last us a lifetime. All of the Modern Family characters are relatable in some way; but, none have touched viewers’ hearts and had them laughing as much as Cam (Eric Stonestreet).

Modern Family Cam
‘Modern Family’s’ Cam, Lily, and Mitchell | Peter “Hopper” Stone/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

As one half of the only gay couple on the show, fans have grown to love Cam’s sense of humor, flair, and drama! We’ve enjoyed many Cam moments and look forward to what he will bring in season 10.

In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane at some of the funniest Cam scenes in the show’s history.

Cam thinks Phil is sexy

Cam only has the hots for Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Furgeson)…or so we thought. In one episode, Cam’s brother-in-law, Phil (Ty Burrell), accompanies him to return an appliance. Phil, who is normally the sensible and meek member of the family, stands his ground and defends Cam to the customer service rep who gives Cam a hard time. Adding to his newfound voice, Phil gets handy and helps move some of the appliances in the back of the store, with just an undershirt on. Cam finds himself hilariously questioning whether or not he is attracted to Phil.

Cam coddles Lily

Every parent loves their child, but the love Cam has for his daughter Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) is a little more extreme. As a new parent, Cam went above and beyond to display love and affection for his little girl. Mitchell often would get annoyed with Cam’s coddling and demanded change in fear that Lily would be spoiled. Cam tried but Lily’s crying was too hard for him to bear, causing conflict between him and Mitchell and making for one of the funniest scenes.

Cam pretends to be Indigenous

As with most expensive private schools, an interview with the potential student and parents is a requirement for admission. Cam and Mitchell desperately wanted Lily to be accepted into one of the top schools in their town and went to great lengths to prove themselves. So much so that when they realized they weren’t the only gay and diverse family in the pool of candidates, Cam put on his acting hat to show that they were the best for the available slot. Cam tried to portray himself as an Indigenous person to compete with the other couple with the dean of admissions. Mitchell sat in embarrassment, while the dean appeared confused and uncomfortable.

Cam’s antibiotics 

During a trip to Mitchell’s family lake house, Cam is unfortunately on antibiotics for the duration of the trip. While on antibiotics, it’s important to try and stay away from the sun to avoid an allergic reaction from the medicine. Cam took his doctor’s warnings serious and quarantined himself in a ridiculous sunblocking outfit, topped off with dark sunglasses. As usual, Mitchell tried to talk him down from his dramatic antics.

Cam helps Gloria find Stella

Gloria (Sophia Vergara) may have hated her husband’s dog, Stella, but when she went missing, she did everything in her power to try and find her. She called on Cam, her partner in crime for help. The two canvassed the neighborhood to look for Stella. Luckily, they found a neighbor walking the dog but she insisted that Stella was her’s. In an attempt to flee, the little girl began to scream in hopes that Gloria and Cam would leave her alone. Her plan did not work and she and Cam started a screaming match with the girl. Cam’s theatrics always steal the scene.

Cam on Mother’s Day

Gender roles were never explored on a television series until Modern Family. With Mitchell and Cam as a gay couple raising a daughter, they both shared responsibilities in caring for their baby girl. Mitchell worked as an attorney while Cam took on the role of a stay-at-home dad. It’s no secret that Cam adored their daughter but he never thought that Mitchell viewed him as being more of a mother figure in Lilly’s life. That all changed during a Mother’s Day episode when Mitchell went out of his way to make Cam feel special. Waking Cam up with breakfast in bed lead to a domino effect of craziness that would take place throughout the day. Things became so emotional for Cam that he accidentally injured a child after he mistakenly assumed a little boy made judgments about his manhood.

Cheers to one more season of Cam’s dramatics!