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Moesha fans are buzzing about the show since the series is now available for streaming on Netflix. Social media users are discussing the iconic 90s series and how it remains relevant today. One major portion of the show fans are most taken by is the fashion. Moesha’s costume designer recently spoke of the inspiration behind some of the character’s looks and reveals that Brandy wore Christian Louboutins on camera before Sex In The City’s Carrie Bradshaw.

Moesha via Twitter

Costume designer on Moesha talks about Brandy’s trendsetting style

Moesha’s costume designer, Yolanda Braddy, reveals in a new interview with Garage that Moesha’s fashion choices are crucial to the overall narrative of the show. With the series focusing on a teenage Black girl in the Leimert Park and Crenshaw areas of LA, choosing pieces that viewers identified with was of paramount importance.

“I always tried to support young, Black entrepreneurs like FUBU, Mecca, Enyce, Toni Shellman. But sometimes I had to go to Guess. The Juicy sweats were [also really] big back then,” Braddy says. 

Moesha via Twitter

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Braddy also reveals that she took to other major brands during that time that were popular amongst Black teenagers, such as FUBU. But it was the famous red bottom shoes that would serve as a trendsetting moment for years to come.

“Moesha also wore Christian Louboutin. They were just launching and people didn’t know… I would buy it at Barneys.”

Moesha debuted two years before Sex In The City. The Carrie Bradshaw character is famous for wearing Christian Louboutins in the HBO sitcom.

Another signature focal point of Moesha are her iconic braids. Brandy donned the style throughout the series entirety. Brandy was already popular for the braids but wearing them in the sitcom only drew more attention to the tedious style. 

Fans can’t get enough of Moesha on Netflix

Longtime fans of the show are living their best lives with the series now available on Netflix. The show is also garnering a new generation of fans. The conversations on social media continue as the show trends on the streaming network. Fans even credit the show for its impact in fashion.

“This weekend was all about Moesha & Chill. We haven’t turned it off since Netflix put all 6 szns on. One thing’s for sure…the looks? Psh, everybody was super fly & Moesha was the queen of protective styles,” one Twitter user writes.

Moesha via Twitter

“Moesha’s outfits >>>,” another writes.

Others are just happy they finally have the show at their disposal.

“I’m just gunna take a moment and watch #Moesha cuz I want to reminisce about my childhood and that time in my life,” one writes.

“Moesha was hitting back in the day and it’s still so good today,” writes another.

“Things I’ll never do: skip the intro to Moesha,” another chimes in.

A Moesha reboot may be in the works

Brandy is happy the show is available for streaming and also says that she’s open to a reboot. 

In a virtual interview with Rap-Up, Brandy says she’s down to make the reboot happen. 

Source: Instagram

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“I’m completely open to it. I would love to experience that. I just want for everyone to know that I’m open to it and I’m in discussions with the right people to make it happen,” she says.

It’s unclear if the other cast members are also willing to participate in the reboot.