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Food Network continuously introduces us to talented, creative young cooks who never fail to impress. They have innovative ideas, charming personalities, and they certainly know their way around the kitchen. 

One of the newest additions to Food Network is the amazing Molly Yeh. The city-slicker-turned-farm-girl invites us into her beautiful home, and teaches us to make delicious dishes that really hit the spot. She is friendly and welcoming, but some fans find her warmth a bit over-the-top, with some even calling her “fake.”

Who is Molly Yeh?

Molly Yeh of 'Girl Meets Farm'
Molly Yeh of ‘Girl Meets Farm’ | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Molly Yeh is the star of the Food Network series Girl Meets Farm. The celebrity cook traded the bustling city life of Brooklyn for the quiet atmosphere of a farm on the North Dakota-Minnesota border. She enjoys baking with wheat from their own fields, and she loves hanging out with her chickens. 

Girl Meets Farm is in its sixth season, and fans love Yeh’s hearty Midwestern meals. Yeh focuses on using local, farm-fresh ingredients to create comfort dishes that satisfy everyone’s appetites. She also likes to create meals influenced by her Jewish and Asian heritage. 

In addition to being a talented cook, Yeh is also an incredibly talented musician. She graduated from Juilliard with a degree in Percussion, and has performed with orchestras around the globe. She also worked off-Broadway and played the glockenspiel for the pop-band San Fermin. 

What else has she done besides ‘Girl Meets Farm’?


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Yeh’s blog, My Name is Yeh, was called “The Food Blog of the Year” by Saveur and Yahoo. The blog features recipes, photographs, and peeks of life on Yeh’s cozy farm. The warm and fuzzy feeling of the blog matches Yeh’s personality, and it all shines through in her delightful recipes. 

The celebrity cook has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Bon Appetit, and Food52. In 2017, she made Forbes‘ prestigious “30 Under 30” list. She was also on Apartment Therapy‘s “10 under 40” list. 

In 2016, Yeh released her first book, Molly on the Range: Recipes and Stories From an Unlikely Life on a Farm. The book was one of the top releases that fall and won the International Association of Culinary Professionals’ “Judges Award.” The book also received a nod from NPR, who hailed it as one of the “Great Reads of 2016.” 

Yeh released her second book, Yogurt, in 2018. She refers to yogurt as “the duct tape of food.” The book is full of innovative recipes highlighting the versatility of yogurt. 

Why are people calling her ‘fake’?

Yeh’s bubbly personality and friendly charm have given her quite a large fan base. However, no matter how well-liked a person is, there are always haters out there. One particular Reddit fan recently displayed their dislike for Yeh, saying “She’s fake and annoying.” That comment garnered the following response, “Haters gon’ hate!”

With the exception of a few detractors, people generally enjoy Yeh’s show and her blog. Fans have noticed one big difference between the two, though. On camera, Yeh displays an incredibly perky, super smiley attitude, while her blog shows off her witty humor and has a more laid-back vibe. 

Some find the perkiness a bit over-the-top, but they assume it’s what Food Network wants–” I really like her recipes and loved her blog – it’s funny because the personality she projects on GMF is a complete 180 from the dry and witty sense of humor she showed on her blog. Even in the earlier seasons, she was so much more watchable. I think her “bubblification” is entirely the networks doing.”

The consensus seems to be that Yeh is an incredibly talented cook with an adorable personality and delicious recipes. Another Reddit user summed it up by saying, “She seems genuinely happy and has innovative recipes. Also her family and farm are so cute!”