‘Money Heist: Korea’: Meet the Leading Female Cast You Don’t Want to Mess With

K-dramas have a history of empowering female lead characters. Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area takes the beloved strong female character from the Spanish original and makes them just as impactful, with a twist. Money Heist: Korea is led and narrated by Tokyo, played by Jeon Jong-seo, and joined by other well-known South Korean female cast members.

Lee Joo-bin joined the cast of ‘Money Heist: Korea’ as Yoon Mi-seon

When adapting the Spanish series, the K-drama had to keep some strong storyline characters. One of them is the character Mónica Gaztambide, the Royal Mint employee who falls in love with Denver. For the cast of Money Heist: Korea, the role is played by Lee as Yoon Mi-seon.

Lee is a recognized actor among K-drama fans as she has starred in dramas since 2017. Some would remember her for her role as the concubine Gye-hyang in Mr. Sunshine. The actor played the role of Lee So-min in Be Melodramatic. In 2020, Lee played a tragic role in Find Me in Your Memory as the male lead’s first love. Before joining the cast of Money Heist: Korea, Lee had roles in She Would Never Know and Doctor Lawyer.

Kim Yun-jin plays the role of the lead negotiator in the K-drama remake

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Money Heist could not be without its head negotiator, who tries to convince the heist team to surrender. The role of Raquel Murillo was played by Itziar Ituño. In the cast of Money Heist: Korea, the character is Seon Woo-jin, played by Kim Yun-jin. The K-drama character parallels the original, with a few minor tweaks.

Actor Kim is well known outside of Korea for one hit American series. From 2004 to 2010, Kim played the leading role of Sun-hwa Kwon in Lost. She also became well known for her role as Karen Kim in the soap opera Mistresses. In 2018, she played the leading role in Ms. Ma, Nemesis.

Kim became well known as an actor in Korean movies from Shiri, Diary of Jane, Ode to My Father, and House of the Disappeared.

Jang Yoon-ju joined the cast of ‘Money Heist: Korea’ in the kickass role of Nairobi

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Fans of Money Heist cant agree there is no character like Nairobi. The free-spirited and comical thief who has a knack for counterfeiting. The character was played by actor Alba Flores and by cast member Jang Yoon-ju in Money Heist: Korea. There is still much to explore about the K-drama character in the second season.

The Korean actor was first a successful model and one of South Korea’s best. She originally started her on-screen career in competition shows and as a host. Jang is also a credited singer-songwriter. When it comes to acting, Jang has only appeared in a handful of works.

Before joining the cast of Money Heist: Korea in her leading role, Jang played Miss Bong in Veteran and Miok in Three Sisters.

Jeon Jong-seo is one of Korea’s rising actors with plenty of award nominations

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Narrating Money Heist: Korea is none other than Tokyo, played by recognized actor and cast member Jeon Jong-seo. In the K-drama remake, Tokyo is not who fans remember as her backstory involves being a North Korean soldier. Fans have fallen head over heels in love with Jeon’s portrayal of the hard-hitting character.

Money Heist: Korea is Jeon’s first leading cast role in a K-drama. When it comes to Jeon’s more veteran co-stars, she is still a relatively new actor. But she has made her mark already, having starred in the 2018 psychological thriller movie Burning. Her role led her to be nominated for multiple Best New Actor awards at various award shows.

Jeon’s following claim to fame was in the thriller movie, The Call as the character Oh Young-sook. She starred as a young woman who speaks through a telephone to another woman from a different time. The role led Jeon to win Best Actress – Film at the 2021 Baeksang Awards, Buil Film Awards, and Director’s Cut Awards.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is available to stream on Netflix.

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