‘Money Heist: Korea’: Is the Professor the Mastermind Behind the Unification of North and South Korea?

Unlike the original series, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area takes the politics and rift between North and South Korea to make a dynamic backdrop. North and South have unified in the K-drama to create a Joint Economic Area. A city on the border where all can live and work freely. But Money Heist: Korea reveals the Professor’s (Yoo Ji-tae) backstory and possible theory of his more significant involvement in the unification.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area]

North and South Korea join forces for economic prosperity

The K-drama opens with the story of Tokyo (Jeon Jong-seo) in North Korea with an opening song of BTS’s “DNA.” Through her narration, fans learn the North and South lived by drastically different rules, regulations and governments. When Tokyo joined the army, the hope of the two countries unifying was dwindling.

One day, news broke that North and South Korea had agreed to become a unified nation and would develop the Joint Economic Area. A community/city where everyone could work and travel freely. Tokyo explains it was an economic goldmine for the rich, who became more affluent and prosperous. The two countries also developed a unified currency.

Bringing together two countries with a history of division is not easy. Money Heist: Korea teased fans with the possibility of how the Professor was the key to the unification.

The Professor was a college professor specializing in economics in ‘Money Heist: Korea’

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The finale of the K-drama reveals some of the Professor’s backstory. Tokyo narrates that she found out a short time later that the Professor was a professor a few years ago. His primary focus was the research on the economic impact of reunification.

In the scene, fans see the Professor speaking to his class about his strategy and theories about why North and South Korea would benefit from becoming one country. He explains the initial spiral theory to combat the problem has its limitations. His theory suggests the two countries can unify if they share a common dream.

The Professor explains North and South Korea must share the common desire to become rich. But fans can soon theorize the Professor’s ideas might have been the start of unification and future heist in Money Heist: Korea.

He is later approached by National Assembly Member Kim Sang-man, who says he will take the Professor to someone who can make his ideas into reality. The Professor then meets Oh Jae-yun, who reveals North Korea will implement an open-door policy. The South will provide capital but need the Professor to create an economic plan for unification. The Professor agrees.

Fans do not know anything about the Professor’s backstory in the K-drama

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The most fans know about the character is that he was a professor. But knowing he was approached as a significant figure in helping unify both countries, could it have been the reason for the heist? The backstory scene suggests the Professor was integral in developing the Joint Economic Area, its unified currency, and overall system.

It could very well be the Professor was able to create a detailed plan for the heist because he helped create the exact location they are robbing. It would explain his ability to think two steps ahead of what could happen. But fans are left in the dark if Money Heist: Korea will include the original backstory for the Professor from the Spanish version.

In the original, the character grew up ill. His father was a bank robber who told him heist stories. One day, his father saw no other way to provide for his son than to rob a bank. But it was his last as he was killed. The plan for the heist of the Royal Mint was his father’s dream plan. Fans are also unsure if the K-drama will make a connection between the character and Berlin. But Berlin’s backstory leaves a small margin of possibility for the second season.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is available to stream on Netflix.

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