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Binge sessions are still climbing for part 4 of Money Heist, and for good reason. The newest installment of the popular series thrust the gang into total chaos and crushed spirits with the death of Nairobi. It hurt.

By the time viewers reached the finale, things started to shift. Lisbon is reunited with her allies and the mantra is “For Nairobi!”

In no way does La Casa de Papels story feel complete as fans were left with widened eyes over that cliffhanger.

Perhaps some of you are still processing the events of part 4 as you await news about next season. As everyone waits for confirmation, there are questions begging to be answered about the story for part 5.  

'Money Heist' cast.
Cast of ‘Money Heist’ | Netflix via Twitter

Why was Inspector Sierra allowed to go home?

Alicia Sierra is the baddie that fans love to hate, and she is relentless. Once Tamayo made her a scapegoat and she spilled all the dirty secrets during that press conference, shouldn’t she have been taken somewhere for additional questioning?

Viewers wants to know why she was able to roam freely. The woman went home, changed her clothes, and headed out on a crazed pursuit to track down the Professor. She’s kind of in trouble with the law, so won’t the higher-ups be looking for her?

Many questions are tied to the inspector. Will she break bad and start working with the team? Will Professor have to deliver her baby?

Who’s really in charge of the squad now?

With Palermo admitting that he mucked up by freeing Gandía, is he the leader the crew needs right now? Tokyo is no longer shackled, but superfans know that sometimes her emotions and impulsiveness gets the best of her.

The Professor isn’t in a position to run things so who will take the reins, execute the plan, get them out safely, and rescue their leader from Sierra? Seriously, who’s in charge?

Is Manila a wildcard or saving grace?

One thing emphasized in the scenes with Manila is that she keeps referring to Denver by his real name: Daniel. Could this mistake – however unintentional – cost them? She is also overzealous about being on the frontlines.

Fans cheered when she shot Arturo, so we know she is capable of heroics, but will her involvement go wrong or right? She could turn out to be the executioner they need – especially when it comes to Arturo or any other villains.

Where is Sofia?

Every fan has their favorite on La Casa de Papel, and Sofia makes the cut. Who is she?

She is Marseille’s ferret with a gift for fooling the police by leading them on a wild chase. An honorary and honorable member of the clique, we haven’t seen Sofia since part 3. People want to know if she’s safe and if she’ll be seen in future episodes.

What’s the status of the gold?

A common note shared this season is that we viewers forgot about the gold. This is a heist, after all. But where are they in terms of melting and preparing their loot for transport? This detail will undoubtedly affect the team’s ability to get out of the bank together – and alive.

What’s happening with Gandía?

More than one villain foiled the team’s plans in part 4, but Gandia is hated as much as Arturo. He killed Nairobi, and for that, everyone wants him to pay.

Incapacitated, battered, and captured, some want to know if the Professor still needs him alive, if he’s knocked out, or if the’s legit dying anyway. No matter what, fans want his ticket punched.