Monica and Diana Ross Both Performed Versions of a Similar Song That Reached No. 1 on the Billboard Chart

Social media users recently blasted Saweetie for sampling old records on all of her singles. But sampling is a long tradition in music and some artists sampled music is just as successful as the original. Diana Ross has dozens of hits, many of which are continually sampled presently. Her disco hit, “Love Hangover” resurfaced in the late ’90s when Monica sampled the song. Monica’s song also achieved No. 1 status. 

Diana Ross
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Diana Ross debuts “Love Hangover;” song peaks at No. 1

Ross’ 1975 release of “Love Hangover” is the second single from her self-titled Motown album. The song is different for its transition from a ballad to a dance record as the song progresses. It became an instant hit in the disco era with dance fans for its uptempo beat under Ross’ sweet vocals. 

The song is also sexy and sultry in nature, with its lyrics taking Ross fans and even Ross by surprise.

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In the song, Ross sings, “If there’s a cure for this / I don’t want it / Don’t want it / If there’s a remedy / I’ll run from it, from it…Think about it all the time / Never let it out of my mind / ‘Cause I love you / I’ve got the sweetest hangover / I don’t wanna get over / Sweetest hangover.”

According to U Discover Music, J. Randy Taraborrelli’s biography Diana quotes Ross explaining of the song’s raunchier lyrics: “It was a spontaneous thing that we captured on record and if I had to go back in and do it again, I couldn’t have. The music was me and I was the music. Things came out of my mouth that I didn’t even expect.”

The song was a hit on multiple charts, reaching No. 1 on Billboard‘s Pop, R&B and dance charts. “Love Hangover” also had international success, becoming a top 10 hit in the UK.

Monica samples Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” for “The First Night”

Monica sampled Ross’ “Love Hangover” 22 years after its release for her 1998 single “The First Night.” Monica also uses Ross’ grown and sexy lyrics as inspiration, singing about her restraint of becoming intimate with her date on the first night. 

In the song, Monica sings, “I should make a move but I won’t / I know you’re probably thinking something is wrong / Knowing if I do that it won’t be right / I wanna get down, but not the first night.”

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Like Ross’ version, Monica’s was also co-written by Pam Sawyer. Produced by Jermaine Dupri, “The First Night” is one of Monica’s most successful singles. It went No.1 on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

A remix version with Dupri and rapper Da Brat is also a fan favorite. 

Diana Ross finds new success with “Love Hangover”

Ross’s “Love Hangover” resurfaced in March 2020 on the Billboard Dance Chart at No. 1. The song, “Love Hangover 2020” is a remix by Eric Kupper.

Ross expressed her excitement on Twitter about the new feat, writing, “What a great early birthday gift!!”

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Kupper – a successful DJ, writer, and producer – remixed other popular songs by Ross in recent years.