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Monique Samuels is opening up more about what led to her exit from RHOP. Following an emotional season and an even more tense reunion, Samuels says she became disappointed in Bravo’s decision to edit out key parts of the three-part reunion that she says vindicates her family. Samuels also says the edited footage implicates her co-stars in a plot to tear down her family.

Monique Samuels
Monique Samuels | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Chris and Monique Samuels expose an alleged plot against their family from co-stars during ‘RHOP’ reunion

Throughout the airing of RHOP season 5, the Samuels have been adamant that Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant tried to bring false allegations against Monique to the show. According to Monique, a former friend began spreading rumors that she had an affair with her personal trainer. The second part of the rumor is that the Samuels’ second son is not the biological child of Chris.

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During the reunion, both Chris and Monique confronted the co-stars allegedly responsible for continuing to spread the rumors with the intention of bringing it on the show. Though Bryant and Dillard admit that they were aware of the rumor, they deny ever intending to bring it on the show. They also insist they never mentioned the Samuels’ son.

Bryant however did mention the rumor about Monique’s affair several times during her confessional. Andy Cohen appeared to side with Bryant and Dixon, continually stating that the alleged rumor about the Samuels’ son was never discussed on the show nor made it on air. Still, the Samuels say Dixon and Bryant are guilty.

Monique Samuels says Bravo’s poor editing during part three of ‘RHOP’ reunion caused her to quit the show

Though Bravo showed several clips of the Samuels’ speaking about the rumor on their social media pages, there’s one clip noticeably missing. Midway through the season, Candiace Dillard admitted on her Instagram live that Bryant and Dixon indeed told her about the rumors regarding the Samuels’ marriage.

Per Dillard, she told them to nix the rumor about the Samuels’ youngest son because he “looks just like Chris” and the “rumor would never stick.”

Dillard downplayed the ordeal at the reunion, however. Karen Huger jumped to Monique’s defense, alleging that Dillard called her in hysterics over Bryant and Dixon’s intention to speak about the rumor on the show. Dillard denied such.

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While speaking with All About The Tea regarding her decision to exit, Monique makes it clear that she initially signed on to return for season 6 but after watching the reunion, she changed her mind.

“I was excited to be back and to know that this time, I’d redeem myself and show my growth but when I saw episode three of the reunion, I said, ‘You know what, I can’t do this anymore,’” Monique said. “It probably would have been a little easier had they fired me instead of me having to sit down and be real and say I have to walk away…I feel like some part of me let a lot of my fans down who have been rooting for me.”

Monique says her decision boiled down to disappointment in the network not holding her co-stars accountable for their actions.