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Marvel’s Moon Knight cast Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant/Marc Spector, who has a debt to repay to the Egyptian god Khonshu. However, the Marvel Studios Disney+ show points the hero to the tomb of a very different god. The Moon Knight Ennead is based on nine Egyptian deities, but the series set its focus on two rivals in particular; Khonshu and Ammit. Marc Spector seems to have a plan to deal with Ammit and her avatar Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) as he follows the mysterious scarab toward the Ennead god’s tomb in new episodes of Moon Knight.


Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac attend the Moon Knight Los Angeles Special Launch Event
Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

‘Moon Knight’ characters in episode 2 discussed the scarab leading them to the ‘Ammit Ushtabi’

Steven Grant finally met Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) in Moon Knight Episode 2, to Marc Spector’s dismay. Steven started to tell Layla about Moon Knight, the scarab, and Khonshu, but Marc stopped him. However, she discovered the item Arthur Harrow was after.

She scolded him for keeping it a secret, talking about how it led to the ‘Ammit Ushtabi.’ However, fans might not be up on their Egyptian mythology or the Moon Knight Ennead legends.

An “Ushtabi” (also called “shabti” or “shawabti” with multiple spellings) is a funerary figurine. They were placed in tombs among the treasures and artifacts. According to legends, the ushtabi would act as servants in the afterlife.

Real-life archeologists do not have to worry about the ushtabi coming to life, even as a servant. However, the Fist of Khonshu Moon Knight could expect the scarab to lead him to a likely dangerous situation.

The ‘Moon Knight’ scarab is pointing Marc Spector to the Ennead god Ammit’s tomb

Arthur Harrow wants the scarab as part of a ritual to resurrect Ammit to judge the world. He would probably get along well with HYDRA since they tried a similar scheme in Captain America: Winter Soldier. 

Since Khonshu desires to prevent this, Moon Knight tries to keep the scarab away from him at all costs.

However, according to Layla’s comments, Marc intended to follow it with her. He likely changed his plans after Arthur Harrow and his cult started hunting him.

With the Ammit Ushtabi being a funeral practice, the scarab was almost certainly taking Layla and Moon Knight to the Ennead god Ammit’s tomb. What does Oscar Isaac’s hero plan to do, though?

What do Marc Spector and Khonshu plan to do at Ammit’s tomb?

Unfortunately, the audience only knows about as much as the Steven Grant persona. The plans of Khonshu and Marc Spector have remained shrouded in mystery.

While Layla remains an archeologist like her Marvel Comics inspiration Marlene Alarune, it does not seem like this would be an academic expedition for her either.


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Since both Moon Knight villain Arthur Harrow and Marc Spector desire the scarab, it seems to hold the key to either resurrecting or sealing the Ennead god away forever.

Until Moon Knight Episode 3 comes out to reveal new info, fans can only wait another week. They can watch new episodes of Moon Knight Wednesdays on Disney+.