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So far, Moon Knight fans have seen two personalities in the protagonist played by Oscar Isaac: Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Plus, they’ve also seen Steven’s and Marc’s superhero alter egos: Mr. Knight and Moon Knight. But the Marvel show has only just gotten started, which means viewers could still meet more personalities in the future. Thanks to a recent tease from Oscar Isaac himself and a mysterious hint in Moon Knight Episode 3, some fans strongly believe Jake Lockley will soon make an appearance.

[Spoiler alert: The third section of this story contains spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 3.]

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in Moon Knight, possibly hiding a third personality named Jake Lockley
Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant in ‘Moon Knight’ | Gabor Kotschy/Marvel Studios/Disney+

Oscar Isaac recently teased more Moon Knight personalities in future episodes

Moon Knight Episodes 1 and 2 introduce viewers to Steven Grant, a (former) museum gift shop employee who experiences strange blackouts due to his dissociative identity disorder. He then learns that he shares a body with Marc Spector, a violent mercenary who takes out villains as an avatar named Moon Knight. In an attempt to help Marc defeat bad guys, Steven creates an avatar known as Mr. Knight — a more posh version of Moon Knight, complete with a three-piece suit.

According to Isaac, Steven/Mr. Knight and Marc/Moon Knight may soon have another partner. As ComicBook reported, the actor recently attended a red carpet event, where an interviewer asked him a question about Moon Knight. He and the interviewer spoke in Spanish, so not everyone caught on to the conversation. However, someone on Twitter shared the video, earning translations from fellow fans.

“You’re evolving. You’re doing two amazing characters here. How difficult was it for you personally?” the interviewer asked.

“Maybe more than two. It could be. You have to watch the series,” Isaac replied.

Isaac didn’t give any more details, but his comment caught the interest of Moon Knight comic book fans who remember Jake Lockley.

Who is Jake Lockley? Moon Knight’s third alter ego could make an appearance

In the Moon Knight comic books, the titular hero has at least three personalities. The Disney+ show has only introduced two, which means there’s certainly source material for more. One common comic book personality is Jake Lockley, a cab driver who acts as an informant.

As GamesRadar notes, the comics revealed that Marc Spector used all these alter egos to gain access to different areas of the criminal world. For example, Steven Grant was a wealthy man who interacted with white-collar criminals. On the flip side of that was Jake Lockley, who had several contacts in the criminal underworld. He would use these contacts to stay informed on his enemies’ doings, thus keeping himself ahead of the game.

Fans haven’t seen a physical manifestation of Jake Lockley in the Moon Knight series yet, but some people think he was teased as early as episode 1. Steven landed himself a date with his co-worker at a steak restaurant, but he’s not the one who asked her out. It could have been Marc, but he didn’t seem to show much interest in dating during his mission. So could it have been Jake?

‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3 might have hinted at Jake Lockley coming soon


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Moon Knight Episode 3 might have provided the biggest hint yet that Jake is lurking somewhere inside Steven. In one scene, Marc and Steven go back and forth trying to take down some of Arthur Harrow’s (Ethan Hawke) men. Steven/Marc end up getting knocked out, but they awaken to find one of Arthur’s men violently stabbed to death. Both Marc and Steven insist they didn’t kill him — so who did?

Jake Lockley could slowly be making his way to the forefront of Moon Knight’s personalities. And if this killing is any indication, he may be the most dangerous identity yet.

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