‘Moon Knight’: How Many Episodes Are in Season 1 of the Marvel Series?

It’s been a few months since Marvel fans have had a new Disney+ show to look forward to, but Moon Knight has finally made its big debut. Bringing Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant (or Marc Spector, depending on who you ask) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series promises a sharp turn from many of the projects that have come before. How many episodes of Moon Knight can fans expect?

‘Moon Knight’ Season 1 serves as an origin story

Oscar Isaac in an episode of Marvel's 'Moon Knight.' He's wearing the character's costume, which includes a mask with a sickle moon on it, suit, and cane.
Oscar Isaac in ‘Moon Knight’ | Marvel Studios

Moon Knight will serve as an origin story of sorts, bringing Oscar Isaac’s character into the MCU without any prior introduction. Most of the Disney+ series Marvel has released so far have followed characters fans already know from previous shows and films.

That means Moon Knight must do the work of getting audiences acquainted with an all-new Marvel character. The series is also embracing new lore. The premiere does a solid job of introducing both Steven and Marc while establishing the Egyptian mythology that will drive the plot forward.

Of course, the premiere also introduces a number of mysteries that need to be solved over the show’s run. So, how many episodes can viewers anticipate in Moon Knight Season 1?

How many episodes are in ‘Moon Knight’ Season 1?

The total episode count for Moon Knight Season 1 is six, leaving viewers just enough time to get invested in the new characters. The six installments will carry the show through April, with the finale streaming the first week of March.

Per CNET, here’s the full release schedule for Moon Knight:

  • Episode 1: March 30
  • Episode 2: April 6
  • Episode 3: April 13
  • Episode 4: April 20
  • Episode 5: April 27
  • Episode 6: May 4

Six episodes are about average for a Marvel TV series. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki both capped at that number. The real question is whether Moon Knight’s story will continue beyond that. Could season 2 happen down the line?

Will the Marvel series return for another outing?

With just six episodes to cover Moon Knight’s entrance into the MCU, should fans anticipate a second season? Thus far, only Loki and What If…? have been renewed for another go-round.

On the subject of another outing, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab seems interested in doing further work with Marvel. However, it might not be a second season. In an interview with SFX Magazine, Diab said:

“I dream and wish for a film. But with Marvel, the way they play it, it’s not like you graduate into a film. You can go into a film and come to a TV show and go back … It’s like a crazy world. Even with the successful shows, like WandaVision, they’re not doing season two. She jumped into a film. Maybe she’s going to come back or not. I don’t know. And that’s exciting.”

Whatever happens, it seems like Oscar Isaac’s character is here to stay. And fans have a month of content to look forward to while they wait for news about his future in the MCU.

Episode 1 of Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+.

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