‘Moon Knight’: Oscar Isaac Reveals Why He Wanted Jake Lockley to Speak Spanish


  • Jake Lockley makes his debut after the Moon Knight finale.
  • Oscar Isaac explained why he wanted Jake to speak Spanish.
  • The post-credits scene hints at a dark future for the character.
Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley actor Oscar Isaac at the premiere for Marvel's 'Moon Knight.' He's wearing a brown jacket and smiling at the camera.
Oscar Isaac | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Moon Knight aired its season finale on May 4, and as many anticipated, the Marvel series introduced Marc Spector’s (Oscar Isaac) third personality before coming to a close. The finale’s end-credits scene brings Jake Lockley to life, though it doesn’t tell us much about the character. His introduction reveals he’s working for Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) and that he speaks Spanish. Oscar Isaac offered an explanation for the language shift, chalking it up to “instinct.”

Jake Lockley shows up in the ‘Moon Knight’ finale’s end-credits scene

Moon Knight makes it apparent early on that Steven Grant is a personality of Marc Spector’s, officially confirming as much in episode 5. However, the Marvel series also alludes to the possibility of a third personality. It contains several moments where Marc and Steven both blackout, failing to come up with an explanation for the violent things that happen when they do.

The Moon Knight finale introduces the third personality in its end-credits scene, and Jake Lockley seems far more intimidating than both Marc and Steven. He checks Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) out of a psychiatric facility, killing him for Khonshu. Before he does, Khonshu tells Harrow that Marc “has no idea how troubled he truly is.”

Then, Jake turns around and tells Harrow, “Today is your turn to lose,” before shooting him. Of course, Jake utters the words in Spanish, suggesting he speaks a different language than Marc and Steven. In an interview, Oscar Isaac revealed the reason for that.

Oscar Isaac revealed why he wanted Jake Lockley to speak Spanish

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Jake Lockley makes a powerful impression during his brief time on-screen, even though Oscar Isaac’s newest Moon Knight character only says a few lines. All of them are in Spanish, and that’s something Isaac explained during a discussion with Marvel.com:

“I saw an opportunity to bring something of myself to it that’s not just trying to pay service to some idea that was in the comics. The thought of, ‘He’s just going to have the one line that he speaks, it should be in Spanish.’ There’s something that’s ominous about him, the kind of control that he has versus, you know, both Marc and Steven that have been so off foot. It just feels like it was just a really fun chance to let the instinct of, after having played these two guys, imagining what else could be in there and the excitement of shooting that scene.”

The “ominous” aspect of Jake’s personality certainly shines through, leaving fans to wonder about Marc and Steven’s fates. All of Isaac’s characters seem to have a dark future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will they ever escape Khonshu’s clutches?

The end-credits tease a dark future for Oscar Isaac’s characters

The introduction of Jake Lockley raises all kinds of questions about Moon Knight’s future in the MCU. It also suggests Marc and Steven have a dark path ahead of them. Although they balanced their scales, they didn’t account for a third personality — especially not one as murderous as Jake.

The two believe they’re no longer connected to Khonshu, but Jake’s existence suggests otherwise. That means all three of Isaac’s characters could find themselves wrapped up in more trouble before long. And this time, neither Marc nor Steven will know why.

Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+.

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