‘Moon Knight’s Hidden QR Codes Were Inspired by 1 Popular Animated Series


  • Marvel hid QR codes in Moon Knight episodes.
  • The idea for such an initiative came from another popular TV series.
  • Future Marvel series on Disney+ could feature more QR codes
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in the 'Moon Knight' finale, which featured QR codes. He's wearing the grey costume, which consists of a mask and cloak. His eyes are white and glowing.
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight | Marvel Studios

Moon Knight proved a unique addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in more ways than one, and the show’s experimental style went beyond its storytelling. The Disney+ series also featured hidden QR codes in several of its episodes. According to executive producer Grant Curtis, the idea for such an initiative came from Bob’s Burgers.

‘Moon Knight’ hid QR codes in multiple episodes

With Egyptian gods on the loose and many mysteries surrounding Steven Grant and Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), Moon Knight fans couldn’t be faulted for missing the QR codes that appear in several of the show’s episodes.

Of course, some observant viewers did notice them in the background of certain scenes. And upon further inspection, they realized scanning them granted free access to weekly Moon Knight comics.

Moon Knight QR codes appear in episodes 1, 2, and 5. An additional QR code can be found in the finale’s post-credit scene.

This added an interactive layer to the Marvel series, simultaneously allowing viewers to get more information about its main character. But where did Marvel get the idea for this initiative? As it turns out, Bob’s Burgers provided a blueprint.

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During an interview with Variety, Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis reflected on the decision to include QR codes in the show. He admitted that Bob’s Burgers inspired the initiative.

“The first seed of that idea comes with my fascination with Bob’s Burgers,” Curtis told Variety.

Something that Curtis appreciated about the animated series was its ability to interact with fans directly. The animated show contained Easter eggs in its opening sequence, which always changed to include new ones.

“I think it was greeted with a lot of positivity, you know, in terms of the numbers that we’re seeing. And as long as you can do it organically, I think it’s a pretty cool way to extend the engagement and to go from screen to page and vice versa. As the guy who enjoys the engagement that Bob’s Burgers gives me, I think it can be a very interesting aspect for the MCU to explore in the future.”

Curtis is right that such things give viewers more incentive to engage with Marvel’s content. Could the studio implement similar campaigns in future projects?

Other Marvel series could feature similar campaigns

The QR codes scattered throughout Moon Knight sparked fan interest and got people talking. So, it seems possible Marvel could capitalize on such campaigns in its future projects as well.

Although something like this wouldn’t work for a theatrical release, the franchise’s Disney+ series offer ample opportunity for interactive initiatives. And it has another two coming out this year: Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk.

As Curtis explained to Variety, this served as “a way to introduce a character to most of the population that would not have had the chance to read those issues otherwise.”

With Marvel rolling out more new characters in Phase 4, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they tried something similar again. Only time will tell if they do. But now fans will know to keep an eye out for hidden content.

Moon Knight Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+.

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