Morbius’ Relationship to Spider-Man Makes Him a Perfect Choice for a Crossover Character

Sony’s upcoming film, Morbius, is looking to cash in on the success of villain and anti-hero films. Success was had with Venom, and while Spider-Man is the production house’s most significant asset, it would be remiss not to note just how potentially profitable the villains of Marvel could be, especially if they are woven into the existing MCU. There is a lot to be said about the Morbius trailer, and there is plenty of evidence that Morbius does exist within the MCU, at least on a surface level. While many of the easter eggs may have been placed to connect Spider-Man to both universes, Sony and Disney could easily make Morbius a crossover character. After all, there are plenty of ways to connect Morbius to the existing MCU, just based on his storyline in Marvel comics.

Spider-Man uses Morbius’ blood to cure himself

Spider-Man and Morbius have a pretty rich comic book history. In fact, the connection between Spider-Man and Morbius goes back to the 1970s when Morbius was first written into Spider-Man comics as a horror villain. Morbius travels from Greece and ends up meeting up with Spider-Man. The ensuing fight leads to Morbius running off, but Spider-Man and the Lizard tracking him down, using a serum made from his blood to cure Spider-Man, restoring him back to the two-armed superhero everyone knows and loves.

The history between Spider-Man and Morbius makes it perfectly viable for Morbius to show up in an upcoming Spider-Man flick. Although that doesn’t appear to be in the cards right this second, the Morbius trailer certainly made it clear that the living vampire absolutely exists in Spider-Man’s universe, giving fans all over the globe hope that the two will eventually end up on screen together.

Morbius is also connected to Blade

Eric Brooks, better known as Blade, actually owes some of his superpowers to Morbius. During a fight with Morbius, Brooks is bitten by the living vampire. In a weird twist of fate, Morbius’ scientifically created vampirism reacts to Brooks’ vampirism and actually helps him gain more strength. Morbius’ bite erases some of Brooks’ weaknesses and makes him the daywalker he is known to be in the Marvel world.

Morbius is more deeply connected to Brooks than that, though. A character, assumed to be Morbius, appears at the end of the 1998 version of Blade. Presumably, Brooks is set to do battle with Morbius at the end of the film, so it would make sense that Morbius would turn up in the reboot of the film. That won’t be for a while, though. The new Blade won’t be part of Marvel’s Phase 4. Instead, Blade will kick off Phase 5. It’s expected to release in 2022, according to Screenrant. No word on whether Morbius will appear in that film has been released.

A Sinister Six flick could include Morbius

Industry experts insist that the Spider-Man movies are building up to a Sinister Six screen adaptation, although discussions on the concept are hypothetical at best. CinemaBlend argues that if a Sinister Six movie does end up happening, it will most likely develop on the Sony side of the universe.

In that universe, Morbius and Venom exist, and there are plans to craft two more villain films from the marvel properties Sony currently owns the rights to. Silver Sable and Black Cat have a storyline planned. While the film was initially slated for production by Columbia Studios in conjunction with Sony and Marvel, plans have since changed. Sony, however, still hopes to produce the film. A production date for that movie, however, has not yet been announced, according to Gizmodo.