More ‘Below Deck Med’ Boatmance Drama: Now Natalya is Ghosting Storm?

Just when the drama between Natasha Webb and chef Dave White Below Deck Mediterranean boatmance couldn’t get weirder – cue the ghosting from Natalya Scudderand and Storm Smith.

Scudderand seemed pretty possessive of Smith after they kissed during last episode. She was even worried that perhaps deckhand Courtney Veale could move in on her man. But Veale wasn’t interested and all seemed solid between Scudderand and Smith. But after Scudderand told stew Kyle Viljoen she had been recently broken up with over text message, she seemed doubtful that she would find true love on a boat.

Meanwhile, Smith booked a romantic dinner date with Scudderand after sharing in a confessional that his last relationship fell out of love with him suddenly.

Another ‘Below Deck Med’ boatmance bites the dust?

Smith took Scudderand on a date. He complimented her as they headed off to dinner and all seemed to be going well. Smith expressed concern and had some nerves over being a provisional bosun and told Scudderand about them.

Storm Smith and Natalya Scudderand 'Below Deck Med' cast photos
Storm Smith and Natalya Scudderand|Laurent Basset/Bravo via Getty Images

Once they joined the rest of the crew something went sideways with Smith when Scudderand became annoyed that all he wanted to talk about was deckwork with Mzi “Zee” Dempers. “Storm is such an overthinker” she said in a confessional. “Like he can’t drop it. Like leave the work chat in the work place.” Adding, that his comments about work were “draining.”

Storm and Natalya began the evening on a high note but then …

Later, Smith asked for a kiss, but Scudderand refused. She said his comments about work “ruined the vibe.”

He seemed confused. “Come darling,” he said to her as they headed back to the vans.

“No,” she replied walking ahead of him.

“What’d I do?” he wondered as they rode back to the boat in separate vans.

Scudderand said he was being emotional. Smith asked White what he did. White, who was dealing with his own weird Below Deck Med boatmance drama replied, “You didn’t do anything. The chicks here mate. They are all weird, bro.”

Later in the crew mess, Smith was still confused about why he was being ghosted suddenly. Scudderand totally ignored him as he tried to figure out what he did after they had such a nice date. “We were having a great time,” he told Dempers. “I don’t know what I did wrong.”

Scudderand walked right by Smith and off to a guest cabin, which is what Webb did when she was annoyed with White. “She wants nothing to do with me,” Smith said to Dempers, who reminded him he’s not there for a relationship and he’s been promoted.

The weirdness continued with Dave and Natasha

White, who was already confused about why Webb ghosted him learned that Webb wanted to return to her ex-boyfriend. Earlier, as they worked in the galley kitchen, Webb told White how she wanted to get back together with her ex-boyfriend – the person she left for White.

“What the f*** are you doing?” White said about Webb’s reveal in a confessional. “What on earth are you doing? Tash told me quite a lot about her ex. She spoke openly to me about it on the other boat. She told him he had cheated on her multiple times, she told me they had difficulties for years. He didn’t seem like a great guy. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Webb also ignored White the entire night later telling Viljoen White was the one being weird.

But how weirder can these dueling Below Deck Med boatmances get?

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