Morgan Stark Could Return in the MCU as a Young Avenger

One of the most memorable lines from the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Avengers: Endgame came not from any one of the Avengers, but from Morgan Stark. That’s Tony’s  daughter who tells her dad “I love you 3,000” near the beginning of the movie. 

So memorable was that line that the Russo brothers, the directors of Infinity War and Endgame, used it as the name of the tour they took after the movie came out to thank the fans for all their years of support. Now, Morgan Stark could play an even more important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Morgan Stark wasn’t Tony’s daughter originally

Lexi Rabe on the red carpet
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While Marvel fans sometimes insist or wish that a movie will stick close to the comics, the MCU movies often don’t. Rather like the James Bond series, the MCU takes basic ideas or broad outlines from the original stories and turns them into something new for the screen.

So it might not come as such a surprise that Morgan Stark on the printed page was not Tony’s daughter. He was not anybody’s daughter. 

According to Refinery29, In the comics, Morgan Stark is the son of Edward Stark, the nephew of Howard Stark and Maria Stark, and the cousin of Tony Stark. Morgan grows up believing that his uncle cheated his father out of the Stark fortune; but Edward asked Howard to be bought out because Edward didn’t want a part in the Stark family business. So in the comics, Morgan Stark is not friendly to Tony. 

So for the movies, Morgan was made cuter and much easier to take. She is born to Tony and Pepper Potts in the infamous five-year span after the Thanos snap. She goes a long way toward humanizing the famously self-absorbed Tony – and for that very reason, he considers giving up the superhero game altogether.

Of course, he ends up making the ultimate sacrifice, and Morgan decides she wants cheeseburgers at her father’s funeral. 

Could Morgan Stark be a Young Avenger?

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According to Quora, there has been speculation that Endgame’s Morgan Stark would eventually become a superhero herself, especially since she’s seen playing with an Iron Man-type mask. One person said, “My secret hope is that Morgan Stark might replace the character of Iron Lad in the Young Avengers.

In Young Avengers Iron Lad put together the team and was revealed to be a time-traveling younger version of the Avengers villain Kang, who had learned what his destiny was to be.

The Young Avengers of the comics, had several different lineups. The current one is Hawkeye, Hulkling, Marvel Boy, Miss America Prodigy, and Speed. Former members included Iron Lad. Kid Loki, Patriot, Stature, Vision. This was more or less the equivalent of the Teen Titans over at DC – young versions and/or partners of classic characters.  Fans have guessed that the next version of the Avengers might be young in that it could be led by Spider-Man. 

However, as another fan pointed out, a big stumbling block could come in the form of Morgan’s mother. Having watched Tony die, Pepper might not be very eager to have her daughter follow in her parents’ line of work, just as famous people often discourage their children from getting in into show business.

Even if Pepper were supportive of Morgan being a superhero, Morgan almost certainly would not be played by Alexandra Rabe, because Marvel already cast Katherine Langford as an older Morgan in Endgame, but her scene was cut. 

Is Marvel really building back up to an Avengers movie?

When the MCU got started back in 2008 the immediate goal was to assemble the Avengers, and that was done in 2012. The ultimate goal was to have the Avengers team up with other groups, including the Guardians of the Galaxy, to face down the ultimate threat of Thanos.

The process took up 11 years and 23 movies, most of which were phenomenal hits, especially if the word Avengers was in the title. 

Now that Marvel has effectively wiped the slate clean, with only three members of the original team still around — Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye — one has to wonder if the new endgame will really be another Avengers movie. That could be “been there, done that” for Marvel.

It’s hard to predict what will happen in another 11 years, but Marvel may be building toward something even more intergalactic. We’ll see once the pieces start to fall in place next year, when the MCU introduces the new team of The Eternals