What is the Most Expensive Yacht Ever Featured on ‘Below Deck?’

Below Deck is known for its high-profile charter guests and unbelievably high-end superyachts. But the show, which has featured several superyachts since its premiere in 2013, has featured one yacht that’s nicer than the rest.

My Seanna

My Seanna | My Seanna via Instagram

‘Below Deck’ has been filmed on plenty of pricey yachts during the show

No matter which yacht the crew is working on, guests are bound to be swept away by the massive boat’s beauty. But some yachts are smaller and more affordable than others. The least expensive yacht available to charter is the Ohana, also known as the Rhino. This yacht is 154 feet long and costs about $140,000 per week to rent (yes, that really is the cheapest option), according to worldwideboat.com. Other yachts available include the Honor, which is around $175,000 per week to rent, and the Ionian Princess, which is around $167,000 per week to rent.

The ‘My Seanna’ costs around $395,000 per week to rent during the high season

The most expensive yacht featured on Below Deck is the My Seanna. This massive superyacht comes with the staggering price tag of just under $400,000 per week. The My Seanna was originally built in 2001, but it was updated and refitted in 2014. The boat boasts six cabins for up to 12 guests, including a luxurious master suite. And to make sure the guests have everything they need, there is room for up to 12 crew members.

My Seanna

My Seanna | My Seanna via Instagram

The My Seanna is 185 feet long

The superyacht is a massive 185 feet long, which means it has plenty of room for state of the art features. Most of the interior’s fittings, including beds and chairs, are brushed with 22 carat gold. It has a spacious sun deck, a sauna, and even a gym for those who like to work out while on vacation. It also has a top-of-the-line entertainment system and even an outdoor movie theater. Plus, there is WiFi throughout, so you never need to worry about losing service while sailing the seas. Also, there are plenty of windows inside the yacht, so even when you’re not soaking up the sun, you’ll still have an incredible view.

It can even fit a helicopter

Yes, you read that right. The superyacht features a touch and go helipad for the most prestigious guests to fly in and out via helicopter. It also features plenty of water sports, including jet skis, a wake board, a water trampoline, water skis, and fishing equipment.

The price of the yacht is greater during the high season; it’s at its highest during the summer, but it also depends on the region its sailing in. You may be able to get it for as low as $300,000 per week if you travel during the off season, which is in the spring or fall. If the boat is sailing in the Caribbean, expect the prices to push $400,000 per week during the winter. Guests can sail to several Caribbean islands, including Antigua, Bahamas, St. Martin, St. Barts, and the Virgin Islands.

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