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Reality TV shows have pretty much taken over the airwaves because they are cheap to make and often makes audiences feel better about themselves. But the trend has definitely spiraled out of control. The genre is consistently trying to amp up the shock factor, which has led to some pretty dumb shows. But then there are also some that have drawn pure hatred from people, even spurring protests, petitions, and cancellations. So which reality TV shows are the most hated? These 10 definitely sparked some outrage.

1. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore | MTV

The reality show had a group of 20-somethings housed on the Jersey Shore where they drank and hooked up with random people. The show’s marketing focused on the cast being Italian, although many of them weren’t Italian. This led to protests from Italian-Americans.

UNICO National said the show focused on the “craziest Guidos,” relied on stereotypes, and included violence and bad behavior, according to The Huffington Post. The show however, still aired and became a bit of a hit. The cast had high hair bumps, fist pumped in the club, and had several drunken fights and hook ups. The reality show came to its natural end after six seasons, but surprisingly, spurred international versions of the show.