The 5 Most Popular Songs From ‘In the Heights’

While many know Lin Manuel Miranda for his work on hits like HamiltonEncanto, and Moana, OG fans know him from In The Heights. With the new movie version, which premiered on HBO Max in 2021, In The Heights earned millions of new fans who love its catchy songs. 

A scene from 'In the Heights'
‘In the Heights’ | Warner Bros.

In The Heights was Miranda’s first big success on Broadway, and fans of the show were overjoyed when the show made its big-screen debut. The songs from the movie quickly grew popular as it made its way to HBO Max. But what are the top five tracks from the soundtrack?

5. “No Me Diga”

This song is popular for many reasons, from love for the characters to its genuinely funny lines. Daniela, Carla, Vanessa, and Nina all trade outrageous gossip while they work in the salon, punctuating each thing they hear with, “No me diga!” 

The song has racked up over 9 million streams on Spotify and more than a million views on YouTube

4. “Benny’s Dispatch”

This song builds the romance between the main characters, Benny (Anthony Ramos) and Nina. And fans of the musical love hearing the pair sing and rap with each other. Benny’s rap is a particular favorite, and many people have devoted a lot of time to learn all the words. 

That’s reflected in the song’s streaming numbers: over 9 million Spotify streams and more than 850,000 views on YouTube

3. “96,000”

Like “In The Heights” and “Blackout,” this song is another full-cast musical number. Fans of the musical love listening to what all the characters would do if they won $96,000 in the lottery. And it turns out, “96,000” was challenging to film.

The song has over 10 million streams on Spotify, and a sing-a-long clip from the movie has over a million views on YouTube. 

2. “Blackout”

Like many songs these days, “Blackout” has TikTok to thank for its streaming numbers. A clip from the song blew up on the video-sharing app, and the song now has over 12 million streams on Spotify. People who hadn’t even seen the movie loved the song, especially the segment between lead characters Usnavi and Vanessa. 

What also makes the song popular is Miranda’s signature overlapping melodies. It’s a staple in musical theater, but Miranda has taken it to the next level, with songs like Hamilton’s “Non-Stop” and Encanto’s “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” delighting listeners worldwide. 

1. “In The Heights”

With over 14 million streams on Spotify and over 4 million views on YouTube (and that’s only counting one version), the movie’s title track is the clear fan favorite. “In The Heights” introduces the audience to all the main characters and sets up the movie’s story

Buzzfeed praised the track in a piece about the musical, calling it “an energetic opening number that helps the audience/person dancing alone to their Bluetooth get into this amazing musical. It sets the scene, and Usnavi’s high-strung and awkward personality makes for the perfect protagonist.”

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