Ugh, as If — 6 of the Most Underrated ‘Clueless’ Quotes

There’s no denying Clueless is filled with great dialogue.

The teen comedy is one of the most quotable movies out there. Decades after its theatrical release people are still referencing its famous lines.

Besides “Ugh, as if!” and Cher’s enthusiastic use of the word, “totally,” there are plenty of other quotable moments. Keep reading to check out some of the most underrated quotes from Clueless

‘Clueless’ premiered in 1995

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Clueless debuted in theaters on July 19, 1995. Inspired by the classic Jane Austen novel,  Emma, writer-director Amy Heckerling set out to create a ridiculously positive character. Enter Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), a Beverly Hills teen and one of the most popular girls in school. 

Throughout the course of the coming-of-age film, Cher gives two makeovers, realizes she’s in love with her former stepbrother, and helps out with causes. A hit at the box office, the film proved to be so popular it lived in on TV and theater adaptations. Without further ado, here are some of the Clueless quotes we think deserve some more love. 

Cher’s digs toward Amber

So, this is more than one quote because Cher made lots of little digs at her archnemesis, Amber (Elisa Donovan), but it’s impossible to pick just one. However, we’ve selected two of our favorites.

One of them is when Cher, her BFF Dionne (Stacey Dash), and the new girl they take under their wing, Tai (Brittany Murphy), go to a party in the Valley.

Amber’s there and Cher can’t resist calling out Amber for her outfit choice. When she crosses paths with Amber, Cher says, “Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly-challenged?”

Elisa Donovan as Amber making a 'W' with her hands in 'Clueless'
Elisa Donovan as Amber in ‘Clueless’ | CBS via Getty Images

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Another one of our favorite digs Cher made at Amber’s expense is when she and Dionne are in the restroom at school. They are in front of the sinks and see Amber looking in the mirror. Cher, not one to let the moment pass her by, looks at Amber’s voluminous hair, turns to Dionne, and says, “Did I miss something? Is big hair back in?” Burn

Dionne’s line, “There goes your social life,” during gym class gets more attention than the aforementioned quotes but they’re all just too good not to get at least some recognition.  

Any time Cher’s says ‘haul a**’

At least twice during Clueless Cher uses the choice phrase “haul a**.” They’re some of our favorite lines in the entire movie. During her debate class speech, she describes having to “haul a** to the kitchen” to get more place settings. 

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And when she’s called out by her teacher, Mr. Hall (Wallace Shawn), for being late to class twice, she uses “haul a**” again. 

Here’s how Cher used the phrase, according to the New York Post:  

Mr. Hall: “Cher Horowitz, two tardies.”

Cher: “I object! Do you recall the dates of these alleged tardies?”

Mr. Hall: “One was last Monday!”

Cher: “Mr. Hall, I was surfing the crimson wave. I had to haul a** to the ladies.”

Cher referring to her period as the “crimson wave” is reason enough this quote deserves more love. 

Other honorable mentions include Cher’s quote about finding love as a teen. “Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie,” she says. Another is the reason she and Dionne are friends. “She’s my friend because we both know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us,” Cher explains in a voice-over.

Totally watch Clueless on Netflix to check out more of the movie’s quotable lines.

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