‘Ms. Marvel’: People Really Want a Kamala and Quake Team-Up

Bringing the storylines from Marvel Comics into Marvel Cinematic Universe media is not always a uniform process. A number of characters have become ignored (so far), including a few plot points being altered. This never stops fans from wishing certain team-ups seen in the comics. One of those is teaming up Quake and Ms. Marvel.

Everyone knows Quake as Daisy Johnson in the ABC series Agents of SHIELD as played by Chloe Bennet. This character has become one of the most popular worldwide, despite many speculating on where she goes once the series winds up this season.

Many want to see Quake continue in something, including matching her up with Kamala Khan, latter of whom becomes Ms. Marvel.

Continuing the Quake character

Chloe Bennet on the red carpet
Chloe Bennet | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Reddit fans recently started a thread in support of wanting to see more of Ashley Johnson/Quake beyond Agents of SHIELD. After all, seven years of this character is a long time, including seeing Chloe Bennet basically spend the entirety of her 20s in the series. Along the way, she evolved the character in interesting directions as she harnessed her powers.

Of course, the character was already a bit retconned when SHIELD began. They had her as an Inhuman who happened to be a hacker named Skye before becoming Daisy Johnson and then Quake. Her friendship with Nick Fury is already known, which does give her a direct connection to the MCU in many ways.

How that might occur is a bit complicated. So far, none of the TV show characters have crossed over into the MCU movies. For all the upcoming Marvel Disney+ shows, it could become a different story.

All Marvel Comics fans know the famous 2017 story of Quake joining Secret Warriors. This comprised various women superheroes not seen on the big screen yet, including Kamala Khan.

Will Quake show up with Kamala in the ‘Ms. Marvel’ series?

With Disney+ announcing Ms. Marvel as a new series eventually, Kamala Khan will become a new central figure in the MCU. Reportedly, Brie Larson wanted the character to appear in the upcoming sequel to Captain Marvel since the character does assume Carol Danvers’ duties, according to Inverse.

Being Pakistani besides, Kamala is an interesting character who ultimately does have a friendship with Quake in the comics. As part of the Secret Warriors, is it inevitable Quake will show up in the Ms. Marvel series down the road?

Said one fan on the above Reddit thread: “I don’t hate it at all. I still want her to show up to help out Kamala in her show, like Wolvie or Medusa did in the comics. Overall, I just want more Quake.” Who knows if the MCU reads comments like this, yet the majority seem to want more of her, something impossible to ignore.

The bigger question is whether Chloe Bennet would want to play the part again after spending a big chunk of her acting life assimilating the role.

Casting Quake and Ms. Marvel


Are Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel Related?

No one knows who will play Kamala Khan yet. Many media analysts are already doing prediction pieces recently in faux-casting Pakistani actresses, says Cinema Blend. Some of these range from Sophia Taylor Ali to Zoha Rahman, latter of whom already acted in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Fortunately, Chloe Bennet is only 28, placing her in a good place to continue playing Quake in Ms. Marvel. Looking at her IMDb page, though, she does have one theatrical movie in post-production, yet nothing else scheduled.

Bennet has said she wants to be in an all-female MCU movie if it ever does happen. Her interest in the MCU is strong, including her once criticizing Marvel for not promoting Agents of SHIELD enough in the beginning.

Because of her adamant nature in wanting to do right for Marvel, the chances look better of fans finally getting their first crossover wish.