MTV ‘Pauses’ Production on ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’: Angelina Pivarnick Claims It’s ‘Cancelled’

Jersey Shore 2.0 might not happen after all. Despite news of the Jersey Shore spinoff securing a filming location, MTV now says production has “paused.” On the other hand, Angelina Pivarnick, an original Jersey Shore cast member, claims the spinoff series is “cancelled.” Here’s what we know.

'Jersey Shore' star Angelina Pivarnick, who claims 'Jersey Shore 2.0' has been cancelled
Angelina Pivarnick | Presley Ann/Getty Images for MTV

‘Jersey Shore’ cast is disappointed with MTV rebooting the reality series

The original cast was outraged when Deadline first announced Jersey Shore 2.0 in May 2022. “As a cast that took a chance with a network in need, we put our most vulnerable moments on television for the world to see,” the roommates said in a joint statement on social media. 

“We gave our all over the past 13 years, became a family, and continue to open our lives for the world. So please understand that we are not in support of a version that will exploit our original show, our hard work, and authenticity to gain viewers.” 

‘Jersey Shore’ cast, Twitter

MTV reportedly felt their reaction was “ungrateful” (via TMZ). Representatives from the network also claimed the reality star’s comments about the network being in trouble before Jersey Shore were untrue. They also said: “It’s disgusting they’d take a swipe at the network,” they concluded.

MTV confirms ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ has been ‘paused’ 

According to TMZ, multiple people connected to Jersey Shore 2.0 say production has “paused.” Additionally sources say “one of the only explanations to pull the plug so suddenly would be an issue with the cast, either they just don’t vibe, or there was a behavioral issue.”

TMZ added: “We are being told by one source production details are being worked out. However, photos from the Atlantic City property where Jersey Shore 2.0 was slated to film show the cameras, lighting, and other equipment installed for filming was removed.” 

Showbiz Cheat Sheet reached out to MTV for further comment. Our request was not answered by the time of publication. 

UPDATE: An MTV spokesperson tells us “production as been paused.”

Angelina Pivarnick claims ‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ is ‘cancelled’ 

After the Jersey Shore 2.0 news broke, Angelina took to Twitter to discuss. She said: “Paused = Cancelled.” Other cast members haven’t spoken out, but some fans are already speaking their minds. 

Since the reboot was announced, many fans of the original series have spoken out against it. Many of those fans are happy to hear the series has been paused. 

Jersey Shore 2.0 Production Comes to Screeching Halt,” an Angelina fan account tweeted. “Not surprised. You can’t remake greatness.”

‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ might never make it to television

Despite having a location to film, casting details for Jersey Shore 2.0 were unclear before MTV confirmed the “pause.” The initial plan for the series was to introduce a new cast of shore-goers, another aspect that upset the original stars. 

According to AirBnB, the Atlantic City mansion is still booked until mid-August. We reached out to the property owners for comment. The owners tell us: “Production is paused at the moment and that’s about all we know, wish we could help more!” Production could resume if whatever issue is resolved in a timely manner. 

Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for the latest updates regarding Jersey Shore 2.0. Watch the original cast in Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Thursday nights on MTV. 

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