Mulberry’s Alexa Bag Was Inspired by British Fashion Mogul Alexa Chung

What’s your favorite handbag these days? Purse and bag aficionados might have a collection of Gucci, Dior, Coach, or Hermès. But what about the Mulberry Alexa bag? Do you remember the splash these legendary satchels made just over a decade ago?

The Mulberry Alexa bag bears the name of a British celebrity. And it’s not the first brand to name or rename a popular bag after a muse or iconic star. The UK fashion mogul Alexa Chung inspired the popular Mulberry Alexa bag. And there’s more to get excited about if you thought you’d never get your hands on one.

Alexa Chung smiling
Alexa Chung | David M. Benett/Getty Images

Who the muse is for the Mulberry Alexa bag

It was 2010 when purse and handbag enthusiasts first laid eyes on the Mulberry Alexa bag. It was inspired by British fashion legend and muse Alexa Chung. The bags themselves were easily recognizable by their dual buckled style, with handle and shoulder strap. In addition to being stylish, they’re incredibly functional.

You can wear a Mulberry Alexa as a cross-body bag, sling it over your shoulder, or carry it with the top handle. They harnessed something elegant, a touch masculine, and all-things ’70s charm. They took over the fashion world by storm, with people everywhere clambering to get one.

When Mulberry discontinued the bag in 2016, fans went frantic, trying to get their hands on the iconic, buckled bag in its mini or full-sized version. But as Fashion for Lunch reported, the famed Mulberry Alexa Chung bag is back as of 2021, so you don’t have to browse the underground to find one.

Everything we know about the brand, the bag, and its price tag

If you decide you must have one of these popular bags, you can browse Mulberry and order directly. Depending on the style and color you choose, prepare to spend anywhere from $1,250 to $2,025. The Mulberry Mini Alexa will be at the lower end of that range, while the Oversize Alexa represents the higher prices.

What really makes the Mulberry bag special is that many consider it to be the original It bag. Today, it’s not uncommon for purse and handbag fans to fill their closets with brands that also appear on runways, red carpet premieres, and in the crux of celebrity elbows. But before those trends ever took off, there was first the Mulberry Alexa of 2010. And considering its comeback tour, the Mulberry is an iconic bag that can outlast trends and stand up over time.

Other celebrities inspiring purse and bag names

The Mulberry Alexa bag isn’t the first to be inspired by or named after a celebrity. In fact, L’Officiel lists several bags with official celebrity names inspired by their namesake icons. There’s the Jackie 1961 bag by Gucci, named for Jackie Kennedy. If you can afford to accommodate the lofty price tag and extremely long waiting lists, you can enjoy a famed Hermès Birkin bag, named for the British muse and actor Jane Birkin.

And there’s always The Lady Dior, by Dior, inspired by the elegant Princess Diana. Gucci introduced The Diana, as well, yet another dynasty brand honoring the royal muse. Sofia Loren is the actor behind Salvatore Ferragamo’s Sofia Tote, too.

Now that you know the Mulberry Alexa bag is back, which color and style will you get? These are all limited edition versions, too. So, you should snag one before they run out again.

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