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My Big Fat Fabulous Life stars Whitney Way Thore, a body-positive influencer turned TLC personality. Thore’s friends and family are also featured in the show, including her loving parents Glenn and Barbara “Babs” Thore, her ex-fiancé Chase Severino, and her closest friend and confidant, Buddy Bell. In a recent episode, one fan noticed an uncanny resemblance between Thore’s best friend and this hilarious actor. 

Buddy Bell
Buddy Bell | TLC

Quarantine has treated Whitney Way Thore unkindly 

As documented on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore’s whirlwind relationship with Severino fell apart during the coronavirus pandemic. After their brief engagement, Thore announced in May 2020 that she and Severino were no longer together. 

“This is a really weird and uncomfortable thing to have to ‘announce’ on social media, but as I get more questions and hear more rumors, I figured it was time,” the TLC star shared on Instagram. “Chase and I are no longer engaged.” 

“After experiencing a lot of ups and downs and still living apart, Chase reconnected with a woman with whom he has had a long history,” she continued, explaining how Severino was to become a father.

He welcomed baby girl Aurora Joyce into the world in September 2020. Meanwhile, Thore was left to pick up the pieces of her broken relationship amidst the pandemic. 

Buddy Bell has been there for Whitney Thore during her breakup 

Thore and Bell have had a unique relationship since the beginning of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The duo tried exploring a romantic relationship together, but the spark wasn’t there. 

Despite whatever setbacks the series has showcased between Bell and Thore, he stepped up to be there for her when she was heartbroken. 

In an interview with Life and Style in June 2020, Bell explained how he was helping Thore through her breakup. He said Thore was having a “tough” time dealing with the emotional situation, “but she’s also the toughest woman [he] knows.” 


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“There have been a lot of tears and talks but mostly we’re just kickin’ it,” Bell said of their quarantine activities. “I’ve been cooking a lot and every night we watch a movie or a show. We’ve been laughing a lot.”

“I’m excited about what the future will bring for her,” Bell added. 

Bell has continued to be there for Thore throughout this season of MBFFL and in real-time. In the season 8 episode “My Big Fat Broken Heart,” some fans found a hilarious similarity between Bell and a famous comedic actor. 

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ fans think Buddy Bell looks like John C. Reilly 

In a hilarious Reddit thread, one fan pointed out the funny similarity between Thore’s best friend Bell and Wreck-It Ralph star John. C. Reilly. 

“Buddy looks like John C. Reilly now,” a fan said on Reddit

“He totally does!” another commented. “I was coincidentally—right after watching the latest episode of MBFFL!—rewatching Kong: Skull Island last night and John C. Reilly plays this crazy man shipwrecked on the island for decades and it was like disheveled Buddy was stomping around on screen! I was shooketh.” 

“I absolutely cannot see anything else,” another fan said, joking about waiting for Bell to start singing Reilly’s number from Chicago, “Mr. Cellophane.”