‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Fans Think They’ve Discovered the Identity of Whitney Thore’s French Boyfriend

My Big Fat Fabulous Life has won over fans time and time again. The TLC series follows Whitney Thore as she navigates life as a proud, body-positive woman. Over the years, fans have viewed Thore’s family, friends, and romantic interests, and her love life is often the focal point of the series.

portrait of Whitney Way Thore from 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' on purple and blue background
Whitney Way Thore of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ | TLC

In 2018, Thore accepted a proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, the engagement ended, but Thore remains optimistic in love. In fact, Thore has a new exciting French boyfriend that has caused quite a commotion among MBFFL fans. 

A new French beau

Although Thore was devastated by her engagement ending, she didn’t lose her faith in love. During coronavirus (COVID-19), Thore met a French tutor on a language learning app. She quickly developed more than friendly feelings for the person she refers to as “Frenchman.”

The two began a long-distance relationship, but it was difficult to visit in person at first due to the pandemic. Luckily, Thore was able to visit Paris and meet her beau in person finally. The sparks continued to fly, and she introduced him publicly on social media — sort of. 

Although Thore announced she was in a relationship with her French tutor, his identity was kept hidden. His face is blurred or covered in pictures and his name is kept secret to protect his privacy.

Detectives on Reddit

Fans were eager to learn who exactly the mysterious Frenchman is. Of course, when a person becomes a mystery, it creates intrigue. Luckily, information has become a lot more accessible with the internet. Additionally, TLC might have let a colossal clue slip. In one scene, it appears the Frenchman’s name is revealed as Nails on a Facetime call. 

With a clue at their disposal, fans took to Reddit to solve the mystery of the French tutor, and they think they have cracked the case. According to Heavy, Redditors found a French rapper that goes by the name Nails online. He had several music videos circulating the internet, but once people started to connect him to Thore, the videos have disappeared.

TLC did not return our request for comment on the identity of Thore’s boyfriend.

Thore respects Frenchman’s privacy

Although Redditors appear to have exposed Thore’s boyfriend’s identity, Thore has yet to confirm or deny if they are correct. She has been adamant that she respects her beau’s privacy. She understood fans can be ruthless and might accuse him of being embarrassed by her. Still, she told People:

“The truth is I’m not really looking forward to it because I already know people are going to be like, ‘Oh, he doesn’t like you,’ or ‘He’s embarrassed to be seen with you’ or whatever. I already know how people are, so it’s actually going to suck.”

Despite what others think, however, Thore maintains that she is confident in her boyfriend’s intentions. She points out that the couple goes out in public together, but he simply doesn’t want to be on TV and in the public eye. She has seen the effect that has had on past partners and understands having no desire to be in that situation.

Even though her ex-fiance, Chase Severino, cheated on her, Severino expresses sympathy for the backlash he experienced, saying:

“I feel great that he’s protected from the kinds of things that Chase had to go through. That makes me feel good. It’s tricky to navigate, you know, in terms of reality TV and being a public person, but I never want to put anyone in a position ever again to receive the kind of a hate that Chase did. So that actually makes me feel good.”

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