‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Is Whitney Thore Still With the Frenchman?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is a popular TLC show that follows Whitney Thore, who started her reality show career when she went viral with her video “Fat Girl Dancing.” The show is currently in its ninth season, and one of the biggest storylines is Thore’s virtual romance with her French language tutor. The Frenchman, as he is known on the show, is reluctant to reveal his identity. This is partly due to the backlash that Thore’s last significant other, Chase Severino, received after their breakup. Now, the question everyone is asking is: Are Whitney Thore and the Frenchman still together?

Thore first met the Frenchman online

Whitney Thore on Wednessay, March 7, 2018
Whitney Thore | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Thore has had many romantic relationships featured throughout the series, and many of them have started online. It was during the pandemic when Thore wanted to expand her horizons and learn French. She used a language exchange app to find a French tutor, and this is where she met the Frenchman. It was all business at first. But the longer the two spent talking, the more the relationship developed into a personal one.

It may still be too early to tell whether this is the relationship Thore has been waiting for. Although fans have already seen some early ups and downs with this relationship, it looks as if Thore might have met the man of her dreams. Only time will tell.

Is Whitney Thore still with the Frenchman?

One of the burning questions still left for My Big, Fat Fabulous Life fans is whether Whitney Thore is still with the Frenchman now. Because of how far in advance the show is taped, there is a possibility that things could have gone wrong between filming and the time that they air on television.

However, it looks as if the couple is still going strong. Thore has posted recently on Instagram Stories confirming she is still together with the Frenchman. When she prompted followers to take part in a Q&A session and this specific question was asked, though, no additional details about the relationship was given.

Did Thore ever meet the Frenchman in person?

Now that fans know the two are still dating each other, they also want to know if they have actually seen each other in person. The answer is yes — Thore and the Frenchman have met face-to-face.

In the summer of 2021, Thore took a trip to Paris to meet the Frenchman in person. On her social media, she posted photos of the couple together outside of some of the city’s most famous landmarks. However, Thore was still protecting his identity by putting circles over his face.

It is unclear if the Frenchman has made his way to the United States. It’s worth noting he had tried to join Thore, her family, and her friends on a vacation in Maine. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions between European countries and the United States were the main cause of his trip falling through.

The drama of whether he would or wouldn’t show up also caused Thore and her brother Hunter to have a fight. They argued about how quickly Thore tends to move in relationships, and how her brother just wanted her to take her time with any new relationship.

What fans are waiting for now is to see whether the Frenchman will ever meet Thore’s friends and family in person so they can get to know him better. Whether that happens this season or the next, fans are ready to find out.

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