‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Who Is Chase Severino Having a Baby With?

Whitney Way Thore past relationships have documented on her TLC reality series My Big Fat Fabulous Life — including her hookup with friend and former roommate, Buddy Bell. Now, fans are most interested in how Thore rapidly fell for her ex-fiancé Chase Severino. 

After a whirlwind romance, Thore has called off her engagement to Severino after he said he got someone else pregnant. My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans want to know — who is the mother of Severino’s baby? 

Whitney Way Thore calls off engagement
Whitney Way Thore | Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for TLC

Whitney Way Thore calls off her engagement to Chase Severino 

Thore and Severino were engaged in Paris on Oct. 9, 2019. In a prior Instagram post that has since been taken down, Thore celebrated her engagement with the caption: “Chase and I got engaged on October 9th in Paris, and I’m quite possibly the happiest woman alive. It has been REAL hard to keep this a secret!” Thore was excited to share their engagement with My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans.

On May 22, 2020, she posted to Instagram revealing she and Severino had called off the engagement. “Hey y’all. This is a really weird and uncomfortable thing to have to ‘announce’ on social media, but as I get more questions and hear more rumors, I figured it was time,” the TLC star wrote. “Chase and I are no longer engaged.”

Thore said she and Severino were experiencing a strained relationship living apart. In that time, Severino reconnected with “a woman with whom he has had a long history.” This former connection is the mother of Severino’s child, who is due this coming October. “I’m not interested in anything hateful being directed toward anyone,” Thore added. “I would ask for privacy for all involved as we move on and focus on the future.” 

Severino followed up with a post of his own that directed fans to Thore’s post for an explanation. He also asked for privacy for himself, the mother of his child, and Thore.

Fans think Whitney and Chase’s relationship was staged 

Some fans think producers concocted the relationship between Thore and Severino as a plot for My Big Fat Fabulous Life. The theory is plausible considering how quickly the couple got together and then called off their engagement.

The couple dated, started a relationship, and got engaged in front of TLC cameras. Some fans think TLC had Thore and Severino’s breakup planned for a forthcoming, emotionally-charged episode. However, given Severino’s impending fatherhood, their breakup had to happen sooner — and in a less-than-emotional way — on social media. It’s hard to say which is the truth, but fans have their opinions.

Since calling off their engagement, Thore has removed photos she posted with Severino from her social media accounts. The only images and videos that remain of the former couple are promotional videos.

Who is Chase having a baby with? 

At this time, Severino is keeping the mother of his child under wraps. “I have nothing but love and respect for Whitney and our time together,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for always supporting us. As we now go our separate ways, I ask for privacy for Whitney, myself, and the mother of my child who wishes to remain anonymous.”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans will likely have to wait until October 2020 to find out who Severino is having a baby with — that is, if Severino chooses to make that information public.