‘My Hero Academia’: 3 Fan Theories About What Happened to Deku’s Father

My Hero Academia has raised a number of questions over its past five seasons, but one that fans keep coming back to relates to Deku’s upbringing. The anime tells viewers that Deku’s father is abroad. However, the main character doesn’t seem to have any relationship with him. Not only does Deku never mention his dad, but Inko Midoriya’s husband doesn’t show up in any of his childhood flashbacks. Even so, fans believe he’ll make an appearance later in My Hero Academia. In fact, they have several theories about who Deku’s father could be.

Could ‘My Hero Academia’ reveal that Deku’s dad is a villain?

A still of Deku in 'My Hero Academia' Season 5. He's standing and smiling, and you can see a tiled floor behind him. What happened to Deku's father?
Deku in ‘My Hero Academia’ | Crunchyroll

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The biggest fan theory surrounding Deku’s father posits that he’ll be introduced as one of My Hero Academia‘s villains. It would make a very Star Wars plot twist, but then, it’s no secret series creator Kohei Horikoshi draws inspiration from a number of American films and shows. And such a development would up the stakes for Deku, who typically doesn’t hesitate when taking down bad guys.

In fact, some fans believe Deku could even be related to the villain: All for One. Numerous theories suggest that Deku could unknowingly have descended from All for One — though the timeline makes it hard to imagine him meeting Inko (but not impossible).

Of course, as one fan suggested, Deku could also be the grandson of One for All. That would give him something in common with Tomura Shigaraki, whose grandmother held the power of One for All.

“Watch Deku be the grandson of All for One as a parallel to Shigaraki,” they wrote on Reddit.

It’s an interesting concept, and it would certainly make for a shocking twist as Deku goes head to head with the anime’s major villains. However, My Hero Academia hasn’t really built to such a development. That’s why some fans have other ideas about Deku’s dad and who he could be.

Some fans think Deku’s father won’t be important

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Does Deku’s father really need to show up in My Hero Academia? Viewers have gone five seasons without meeting him, and it doesn’t seem like the anime’s lead is interested in him at all. With that in mind, some fans believe Deku’s dad won’t be important to the plot.

They make a compelling point, since most twists like this have a fair amount of foreshadowing ahead of time. As one Redditor explained, it would feel a bit out of left field to throw Deku’s dad into the mix after so little focus on him:

“It’s such a strange choice to not even mention the guy for 300+ chapters. I feel like any kind of reveal will feel weird cause deku has shown no feelings or mention of him.”

My Hero Academia does often invert tropes, so having Deku’s father turn out to be some average guy would turn expectations on their heads. At this point, it seems the most likely outcome — but Horikoshi could surprise us.

Will ‘My Hero Academia’ reveal he’s 1 of the heroes?

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It seems unlikely that Deku’s father will be any of the heroes My Hero Academia has already introduced. However, viewers know he has a fire-breathing Quirk and is somewhere overseas. Could he be doing Pro Hero work there?

One Redditor posits that Deku’s dad could be acting undercover. That would offer an explanation as to why Deku and Inko never talk about him. It would also allow him to make an entrance as the fight with the villains rages on:

“Deku’s dad has been an undercover hero overseas for pretty much ever, and his work is so important that he has never had an opportune moment to return without jeopardizing his potential to save millions of lives. (Groan. I know. It’s a stretch.)”

This theory may be a stretch, but anything’s possible with Deku’s father — especially given how little information fans have about him. It could be a while before the anime reveals more about Deku’s parentage. Until then, there’s five seasons to comb through for hints.

All five seasons of My Hero Academia are currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.