‘My Hero Academia’: 5 Characters We Really Want to See More of After Season 5

My Hero Academia aired its fifth season during the Spring 2021 anime season, and the series will return for season 6 sometime in 2022. The most recent episodes set the stage for a massive confrontation between the Pro Heroes and the League of Villains. And after the major developments from My Hero Academia Season 5, the anime promises a showdown like fans have never seen before. Hopefully, that means we’ll see more of the characters My Hero Academia teased during its fifth outing.

Shinso deserves to train as a hero

Shinso speaking to Deku and Uraraka in 'My Hero Academia' Season 5, while the characters are competing at U.A. High.
‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 | Crunchyroll

Shinso was introduced back in My Hero Academia Season 2, but he made a comeback in the most recent episodes. The latest season revealed he’s pursuing his dream of becoming a hero by training with Aizawa. And although he’s not quite on the same level as Class 1-A and Class 1-B, he’s come a long way since his match against Deku at the Sport’s Festival.

With season 5’s focus on Shinso, it’s probably safe to say fans will see him again before the anime is through. Could he begin training with the other soon-to-be heroes? He certainly deserves the chance to try.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 puts Hawks in a predicament

Of all the characters in My Hero Academia Season 5, Hawks finds himself in the most interesting position. Playing the double agent, the Pro Hero manages to infiltrate the League of Villains and Paranormal Liberation Front. Of course, he’s doing so in order to stop their plans. And he needs to get creative about contacting Pro Heroes like Endeavor.

Hawks does manage to warn Endeavor and the others ahead of the villains’ attack, but it seems like a battle is inevitable. It’ll be interesting to see how Hawks fares considering his circumstances. Double agent storylines are always interesting, especially when confrontations reach their climax.

What happened to Best Jeanist in season 5?


Best Jeanist was introduced during the second season of My Hero Academia, but fans haven’t seen much of him recently. He’s one of the only people capable of getting Bakugo to fall in line, and he’s instructed Deku’s rival to return to him with his hero name. Of course, it’s unclear whether that will be possible after season 5.

The fifth season of My Hero Academia hinted at a tragic fate for Best Jeanist, though it’s not 100-percent confirmed. With any luck, season 6 will answer the questions about the character raised during the previous outing — and show us more of him, whether it’s in the present day or through flashbacks.

Mirko made an entrance — and we want to know more

Pro Hero Mirko made quite an entrance at the beginning of My Hero Academia‘s latest season, and it left us wanting to see more from her. She’s proven a powerful opponent who can keep up with the likes of Hawks and Endeavor. The heroes will no doubt need her skills during the fight against the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Manga readers know Mirko is one of the characters likely to make another appearance in My Hero Academia Season 6. With any luck, the show will give her the screen time she deserves.

Did ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 tease a bigger role for Eri?


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Deku rescued Eri back in season 4 of My Hero Academia, and season 5 showed her living at U.A. High. Eraserhead is attempting to help her control her Quirk. If he succeeds, Eri could play a bigger role in the anime’s future.

Eri’s Quirk is one of the most powerful fans have seen so far, and if used properly, it could have a huge impact on the main storyline. After all, you don’t just introduce a character who can rewind people’s bodies and not take advantage of it at some point — especially when erasing Quirks was once a major plot point.