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My Hero Academia Season 6 has finally arrived, and the anime is throwing fans headfirst into the war between the Pro Heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Just two episodes in, we’ve already gotten plenty of action — from Denki Kaminari’s big moment to Mirko’s fight against the Nomus. And those who have read Kohei Horikoshi’s manga know there’s more on the horizon. In particular, we’re excited to see these five manga moments brought to life in My Hero Academia Season 6.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia Season 6 and the manga.]

1. Twice vs. Hawks is going to be as heartbreaking as it was in the ‘My Hero Academia’ manga

Twice in 'My Hero Academia' Season 6 for our article about the major moments from the manga. He's giving someone a thumbs up.
Twice in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project

My Hero Academia Season 6 will feature a confrontation between Twice and Hawks, and their showdown promises to be every bit as emotional as it was in the manga. The two have developed a friendship of sorts as Hawks has infiltrated the Paranormal Liberation Front. But when the Pro Hero’s true loyalties emerge, they’ll be enemies once again.

And during the My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere, Hawks notes that Twice is the most dangerous villain on the battlefield. As such, he’ll make a move to take him off of it. His success is every bit as devastating for the audience as it is for Twice.

Needless to say, this is going to be one of the season’s biggest moments. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the first major casualty of the war arc.

2. ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 will bring Bakugo’s arc full circle

Bakugo has been on a journey toward redemption in recent chapters of My Hero Academia, and season 6 will see his character arc coming full circle.

In the My Hero Academia manga, Bakugo saves Deku from Shigaraki, taking a hit intended for his childhood friend and rival. As he jumps in front of Deku, he realizes that his body “simply moved on its own.” Of course, this is a callback to his encounter with the Sludge Villain, when Deku experiences something similar in his attempt to save him.

This is one of the high points of Bakugo’s redemption arc, emphasizing his growth — and that he can “save to win.” It’s also a huge step forward for his and Deku’s friendship.

3. Dabi’s big reveal will be one of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6’s best moments

My Hero Academia Season 5 offers backstories for most of the anime’s villains, but it doesn’t delve into Dabi’s past. That’s because My Hero Academia Season 6 is building to a major reveal — one that’s easily one of the best moments of the entire manga.

During the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Dabi reveals that he’s Touya Todoroki, Endeavor’s son who supposedly burned to death. As it turns out, he didn’t. And he’s hellbent on getting revenge on the Todoroki family.

In fact, Dabi’s so committed to bringing down Endeavor, that he goes on national television to share his parentage. It’s a tad extra, but it makes for great entertainment. And it leaves the public doubting Pro Heroes all over again, something we can’t really blame them for.

4. Midnight’s final stand is sure to be a tear-jerker

Another one of the sadder moments from the My Hero Academia manga is Midnight’s death — and that’s something fans will see brought to life in season 6.

Midnight is among many Pro Heroes to perish during the Paranormal Liberation War arc. And she’s arguably the most well-known Pro to meet her demise. She does so while in communication with her students, and they find her later on — making the whole situation doubly devastating and really driving home the stakes.

5. The Paranormal Liberation War arc’s ending will leave fans eager for more


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The Paranormal Liberation War arc is epic from beginning to end, but it goes out on a high note in the manga — meaning My Hero Academia Season 6 will as well.

Not only does All for One seemingly take control of Shigaraki’s body, but he releases a number of previous villains from prison. Meanwhile, Deku drops out of U.A. High and shares the truth about his Quirk with the world. Needless to say, the conclusion of this arc will leave viewers with their jaws on the floor — and rightfully so.

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