‘My Hero Academia’: 5 Questions the Anime Needs to Answer in Season 6

My Hero Academia recently wrapped its fifth season, which set up a high-stakes battle between the Pro Heroes and League of Villains ahead of season 6. The anime has been building to a showdown between Shigaraki and the heroes for quite some time. Of course, it recently threw several major developments into the mix — including changes to the villains’ Quirks. With that in mind, the anime has plenty to answer for during its next outing. What are the biggest questions that need to be addressed in My Hero Academia Season 6?

Will Deku master all the powers inside One for All?

Uraraka and Deku in 'My Hero Academia' Season 5. He's taking notes and training. How will they fare in 'My Hero Academia' Season 6?
Uraraka and Deku in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5 | Crunchyroll

My Hero Academia Season 5 sees Deku developing a new Quirk, a power from a previous holder of One for All. With Deku able to unlock and control Black Whip, it seems he’ll have access to the other users’ Quirks as well. That means he’ll have seven abilities to master. Will My Hero Academia Season 6 give him the opportunity to unleash them all?

At the very least, it seems like the new episodes will show him learning some of the Quirks within One for All. All Might already mentioned Float, the Quirk that belonged to his mentor, Nana Shimura. It’ll be interesting to see how Deku handles his new journey, especially with the impending threat of the Paranormal Liberation Front. It’d also be nice to know if Deku can communicate with the previous users of One for All. Hopefully, season 6 will elaborate on his connection to them.

Did ‘My Hero Academia’ make the villains more powerful?

The latter half of My Hero Academia Season 5 focuses on the League of Villains, and each of them seems to have gotten more powerful by the end. Not only does their battle with the Meta Liberation Army eventually gain them new allies in their fight against hero society, but it seems to have altered their Quirks. All of them have unlocked the full strength of their powers — and that makes them even more formidable opponents heading into the next arc.

In addition to having more bodies behind their cause — and more individual strength — the final episodes of season 5 sets Shigaraki up to inherit All for One. If he does, he’ll prove a force to be reckoned with. That’s especially true if Deku doesn’t master the many facets of One for All more quickly. Could their showdown come sooner than expected?

Will Eri play a bigger role in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6?

Eri didn’t play a major role in My Hero Academia Season 5. However, the anime does mention that Aizawa is teaching her to control her Quirk. Eri’s ability allows her to rewind living beings, making it a fearsome power if used properly. It can also negate attempts to eliminate Quirks, a threat the heroes have dealt with before.

The introduction of Eri could be written off as a motivator for Deku in season 4, but clearly, the anime is keeping her around for a reason. Whether it will reveal why in season 6 is unclear. If nothing else, the new episodes might hold more clues about her place in this story.

Will Sir Nighteye’s vision finally come true?

Sir Nighteye perished in the middle of My Hero Academia Season 4. However, before his death, he foresaw All Might’s demise. Deku and All Might vowed to fight the latter’s supposedly inevitable fate, but the anime hasn’t returned to that storyline since.

It’s no secret Shigaraki has a vendetta against the Symbol of Peace, and he’s about to inherit a massive amount of power. With All Might Quirkless and incapable of defending himself, could My Hero Academia Season 6 mark the end for him? At the very least, it’s about time the series addressed that storyline — even if it throws a wrench into Nighteye’s vision.

Will hero society crumble in ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6?


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The villains pose a threat to hero society now more than ever, and My Hero Academia Season 6 could see the Pro Heroes crumbling. The anime hinted at a dwindling trust in heroes even before Shigaraki gained unfathomable power. Once the villains attack, the heroes could let the public down in a way there’s no coming back from.

Will the coming battle impact the careers of the Pro Heroes and the education of those studying under them? U.A. High almost closed once before, and losing the battle against the Paranormal Liberation Front could destroy hero society as we know it. Fans will have to wait to see how Deku and his companions fare. On the bright side, they can enjoy the action from the previous outings in the meantime.

All five seasons of My Hero Academia are currently streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.