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My Hero Academia has no shortage of twists and turns in both the anime and manga — and the latter is finally delivering on the promises made during its earlier story arcs. That includes answering a question raised many chapters ago: who is the U.A. High traitor?

In Chapter 336, My Hero Academia reveals who aided the League of Villains during the USJ Incident and the Training Camp Arc. And although the revelation is somewhat emotional, it’s also given fans a reason to laugh.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 336.]

‘My Hero Academia’ revealed the U.A. High traitor

Deku smiling in 'My Hero Academia' Season 5
Deku in ‘My Hero Academia’ | Crunchyroll

New chapters of My Hero Academia don’t officially release until Sunday, but manga leaks begin cropping up when Shonen Jump comes out in Japan. And the latest has already been translated by fans, confirming it contains a major reveal following a bait-and-switch in the previous panels.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 reveals that Yuga Aoyama was the U.A. High traitor all along, a heartbreaking revelation for Deku to have after everything he’s been through. Of course, the circumstances that led Aoyama to find himself in such a position are equally as devastating.

Born without a Quirk, Aoyama became an easy target for All for One’s manipulation. After giving them the very thing they wanted, All for One used his leverage to threaten Aoyama’s family. Fearing for his parents’ lives, Deku’s classmate led the League of Villains straight to the USJ and U.A. High’s training camp. And although he feels bad about everything he’s done, it’s unlikely the other heroes will be forgiving of his actions.

Fans find 1 aspect of the manga’s big reveal hilarious

Although My Hero Academia‘s big reveal is meant to be emotional, manga readers are finding one aspect of it hilarious. Of all the Quirks All for One could have stolen, why on Earth would he give Aoyama a Navel Laser?

That’s what fans on Reddit are asking themselves, laughing at the idea of All for One using Aoyama’s power himself — and suggesting it was a jerk move to pass it on to him.

“I’m laughing at the idea of AFO getting diarrhea from using Naval Laser,” one fan wrote.

“All the Quirks in his possession and AFO gave Aoyama a f***ing belly button laser,” another Redditor added. “AFO’s actually an a**hole.”

As many in the thread pointed out, it is in character for My Hero Academia‘s main villain to do something so cruel. Of course, he might not have known how much Aoyama would struggle with his newfound Quirk. After all, its biggest flaws seem to stem from it being incompatible with his body.

Whatever the cause for Aoyama’s current state of affairs, My Hero Academia fans find the chain of events that led to them humorous. Of course, many of them also feel for the guy. What’s going to happen to him now that the truth has come out?

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My Hero Academia‘s latest manga chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers to wonder what Deku will do next. Aoyama seems genuinely sorry for the trouble he’s caused — but that doesn’t absolve him of responsibility, especially with all the pain his actions have caused.

Being born Quirkless himself, Deku can probably relate to Aoyama and understand his family’s desperation. Still, Deku’s also proof that he could have chosen a different path.

So, will Deku forgive Aoyama and try to help? Or will he let the Pro Heroes determine what to do about his betrayal? That’s the question Chapter 337 will need to answer. No matter what happens, it’s going to prove a difficult read. On the bright side, fans can imagine All for One using Navel Laser in the interim.

Read the official translation of My Hero Academia Chapter 336 on VIZ on Sunday, Dec. 5.