‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5’s OVA Episodes Are Lighthearted Fun for Summer 2022

My Hero Academia Season 5’s OVA episodes just arrived on Crunchyroll, and the latest additions to the anime franchise are every bit as fun as they sound. With My Hero Academia Season 6 promising a war between the Pro Heroes and villains, these installments offer something completely different. They’re lighthearted, entertaining, and don’t take themselves too seriously — making them ideal watches for summer 2022.

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‘HLB’ lets viewers spend time with ‘My Hero Academia’s supporting characters

Key art for 'My Hero Academia' Season 5's summer 2022 OVA episodes. It shows the Pro Heroes dressed in orange and blue baseball gear.
Key art for ‘HLB’ | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project

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The first of My Hero Academia Season 5’s summer OVA episodes is titled “HLB,” which stands for Hero League Baseball. And if you’ve ever wondered what sports would look like in a world full of Quirks, this is your chance to find out.

“HLB” features many of the supporting characters from My Hero Academia locked in an intense game of baseball. With Gang Orca and Shishido in charge, things get competitive quickly — to the point where some of the students fake injuries just to get out of playing.

Others rise to the challenge, with Kirishima going full-on “Unbreakable” and Fat Gum using all of his stored-up power to help his team win. If sports were this chaotic in real life, they’d be even more entertaining. Of course, the baseball game isn’t the only thing to look forward to from the first of My Hero Academia‘s new OVA episodes.

Fans can also anticipate the arrival of a villain in the midst of the game. No doubt the Pros will find a way to handle the situation and carry their team to glory.

‘Laugh! As If You Are in Hell’ expands on the Endeavor Agency Arc

Bakugo, Todoroki, and Deku in 'My Hero Academia' Season 5's summer OVA episode, 'Laugh! As If You Are in Hell.' Deku and Todoroki are thinking, and Bakugo is in the background yelling.
Bakugo, Todoroki, and Deku in ‘Laugh! As If You Are in Hell’ | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project

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Speaking of catching villains, the second My Hero Academia OVA is more in line with the events of the main anime. “Laugh! As If You Are in Hell” expands on season 5’s Endeavor Agency Arc. And it’s what you’ll want to watch if you’re hoping to see more of Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki — none of whom show up in “HLB.”

The trio takes on a new villain in “Laugh! As If You Are in Hell.” With a name like Smiley, it’s hard to take him seriously. But then, his Quirk makes it impossible to keep a straight face afer you’ve locked eyes. That considered, it’s fitting that the audience will be laughing alongside the heroes pursuing him.

Despite his useful power, Smiley isn’t a particularly dangerous villain. All he wants to do is show off his artwork. Unfortunately, he’s chosen to do so through graffiti. And when his paintings make their way onto Endeavor’s house, it’s game over. Despite his low priority, the Endeavor Agency does its best to bring him to justice. Of course, they’ll have to stop laughing first, making their efforts hilarious to watch.

Are ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5’s summer OVA episodes worth watching?

So, are My Hero Academia Season 5’s OVA episodes worth the watch? If you’re a fan of the main anime, you’ll probably enjoy them. Don’t expect action on par with movies like My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. These OVAs are short, sweet, and entertaining — exactly what fans need heading into the anime’s darkest arc yet.

My Hero‘s new OVAs aren’t anything groundbreaking, but they’re fun additions to the summer 2022 anime season. And they give fans more time with their favorite characters — something we certainly can’t complain about.

Both of My Hero Academia‘s summer OVA episodes are now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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