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  • My Hero Academia Season 6 premieres on Oct. 1, 2022.
  • The Pro Heroes are at war with the Paranormal Liberation Front during the next outing.
  • Studio Bones will animate the new episodes, and the main cast is expected to return.
Deku in 'My Hero Academia,' which now has an official release date for season 6. He's smiling, and there are purple tiles behind him.
Izuku Midoriya in ‘My Hero Academia’ | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha, ‘My Hero Academia’ Project

My Hero Academia Season 6 debuts this fall, and it promises to bring the anime to a much darker place than before. Although Izuku Midoriya and his classmates have come face to face with the League of Villains, they’ve yet to find themselves in an all-out war. That changes this October, when new episodes of My Hero Academia arrive. So, what do we know about the anime’s next chapter so far?

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 release date

Earlier this year, My Hero Academia Season 6 was announced for the fall 2022 anime season. And at Hero Fes 2022, the next outing received an official premiere date (via Crunchyroll). Deku and his friends will return on Oct. 1, 2022 — and the stakes will be high when they do.

My Hero Academia Season 5 set up a confrontation between the Pro Heroes and the League of Villains, the latter of whom have leveled up since their last encounter. They’ve also made new allies, dubbing themselves the Paranormal Liberation Front. With larger numbers and stronger Quirks, the group poses a real threat to the Pro Heroes, especially now that All Might’s not around to fight them.

Deku awakens new Quirks of his own at the end of season 5, but he may not be strong enough to take on All for One just yet — or even Shigaraki with his more advanced powers. Still, it seems like his first real attempt at stopping the pair is approaching. So, what exactly can we expect based on Kohei Horikoshi’s manga?

Which arc from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga will season 6 adapt?

My Hero Academia Season 6 will adapt the Paranormal Liberation War Arc from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga, which means fans are in for an emotional ride.

This portion of the manga marks a turning point in Izuku Midoriya’s story, bringing it to a darker place — and truly showing the stakes of war. Not only can fans expect a few character deaths in the coming episodes, but they’ll see the main characters growing up quite a bit.

Viewers can also anticipate plenty of action, so they have a lot to look forward to. What else do we know about season 6 so far?

What else we know about ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6


‘My Hero Academia’: New OVA Episodes to Stream on Crunchyroll Ahead of Season 6

Outside of the visuals and teasers released for My Hero Academia Season 6, not much has been revealed about the next chapter. Of course, there’s still plenty of time for a full-length trailer and further details before October.

Assuming the sixth outing follows the previous ones, we can probably expect around 25 episodes. Whether it will cover multiple arcs remains to be seen, but the war arc alone should take up at least the first half of the season.

Bones will return to animate the new episodes. Additionally, most of the Japanese and English voice cast are expected to reprise their roles.

We’ll be waiting for further updates about the new episodes as October grows nearer.

My Hero Academia returns on Oct. 1, 2022.