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My Hero Academia has returned for season 6, and the anime is hitting the ground running with its Paranormal Liberation War arc. Unlike previous season premieres, this week’s installment dives right into the main storyline rather than recapping what’s come before. And it looks like the My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere has given fans “hope” that the new episodes will be worth the wait.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 1.]

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 dives right into the fight

Key art for 'My Hero Academia' Season 6 for our article about its premiere. It features the Pro Heroes jumping into battle, with the villains hovering over them.
Key art for ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha, My Hero Academia Project

My Hero Academia has been building to a showdown between the Pro Heroes and the Meta Liberation Army, and the anime is wasting no time throwing fans into the action.

The My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere sees the fight kicking off, with the heroes gathering their forces — and infiltrating the hospital where Shigaraki is currently powering up.

Although the premiere features plenty of setup, it also showcases a good deal of action toward the end. It’s just the right balance to kick off such a high-stakes season. And viewers seem satisfied with the episode overall.

After mixed reactions to My Hero Academia Season 5, fans feel hopeful that this outing will reignite their love of the anime. Season 6 debuted just a few hours ago, and viewers have already taken to Reddit to praise its first episode.

Fans are praising the ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 premiere

That’s right, the My Hero Academia Season 6 premiere received praise on Reddit, from both anime-only watchers and manga readers alike.

Many feel the quality of the animation is already improved from season 5. That’s not to mention the fact that the series jumped straight into the story. Additionally, the ending fight even showcased a bit of blood, suggesting the new episodes won’t be completely censored.

“I don’t like to hate that much on the last season, but this episode alone feels like better quality than the whole of season 5,” one fan wrote. “And also, no recap/character introduction episode and going right into the action, I’m really hyped for the next season, pressure is on.”


“If they’re willing to show actual violence and combat animation this early, then there’s optimism for the rest of [the] season, which is lovely,” one more fan added.

There’s definitely truth to what they’re saying. If My Hero Academia continues down this path, the Paranormal Liberation War arc may prove the best storyline yet.

The Paranormal Liberation War arc may be the best 1 yet


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It’s too soon to say if My Hero Academia Season 6 will blow previous seasons out of the water, but its premiere promises big things to come.

Those who have read this portion of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga know the action and stakes only increase from here. Judging by episode 1, the anime plans to do the source material justice. That means fans will heap more praise on the series before its current outing concludes.

Let’s hope the anime keeps this level of quality and intensity moving forward.

New episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6 stream every Saturday on Crunchyroll.