‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Release Date Revealed


  • The release date for My Hero Academia Season 6 has been revealed alongside a new visual.
  • The news was announced during Hero Fes 2022, where attendees watched the premiere.
  • Deku and his friends will face all-out war when My Hero Academia returns in October.
Deku in 'My Hero Academia,' which now has an official release date for season 6. He's smiling, and there are purple tiles behind him.
Izuku Midoriya in ‘My Hero Academia’ | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha, ‘My Hero Academia’ Project

Fall 2022 is shaping up to be one of the biggest television seasons this year, especially when it comes to anime. My Hero Academia Season 6 is among the many highly anticipated releases planned for the fall. And it looks like fans can finally mark their calendars. The release date for My Hero Academia Season 6 was revealed during Hero Fes 2022, along with a new visual teasing the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 release date and visual revealed

San Diego Comic-Con brought plenty of announcements on the pop culture front this weekend, but it’s not the only event to drop exciting news. Hero Fes 2022 took place on July 24 in Tokyo, Japan. And in the midst of the My Hero Academia celebration, fans finally got a release date for season 6.

Deku and the rest of Class 1-A will return to the small screen on Oct. 1. It looks like they’ll kick off the fall 2022 anime season. That’s fitting since My Hero Academia is set to be one of its biggest releases. There’s no word on whether the series will stream outside of Japan on the same date. However, previous seasons of the show have been simulcast.

Alongside the premiere date, the anime’s official Twitter shared a new visual teasing the looming war. It features Class 1-A and several other major players in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, as well as Shigaraki and his band of villains. The two groups will face in the coming episodes, which may be some of the anime’s darkest yet.

The premiere of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 aired during Hero Fes 2022

International fans of My Hero Academia finally got a season 6 release date from Hero Fes 2022. However, those lucky enough to attend the event also watched the premiere a little early.

ComicBook.com reported back in April that the premiere would drop during the event, giving attendees a sneak peek at what’s to come. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to wait until the fall to tune in. But with a release date to look forward to, the anime’s return doesn’t feel all that far away.

What to expect when Deku and Class 1-A return this October


‘My Hero Academia’: 5 Questions the Anime Needs to Answer in Season 6

So, what exactly can fans expect from My Hero Academia Season 6 when its release date finally arrives? We know the anime will follow the Paranormal Liberation War Arc from Kohei Horikoshi’s manga, but what does that entail?

Assuming the series sticks to the source material — and it usually does — Deku and his classmates will find themselves wrapped up in the Pro Heroes’ fight against the League of Villains. They’ve found new allies in the Meta Liberation Army, branding themselves as one big organization: the Paranormal Liberation Front.

With the villains leveling up during My Hero Academia Season 5, even Hawks’ warning may not give the heroes enough time to prepare for the coming battle. The brief teasers for the coming season suggest a grim tone — one that leaves viewers to question who will come out on top. We’ll learn the answer to that question when the series returns.

My Hero Academia Season 6 debuts on Oct. 1, 2022.