‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 Trailer Excites but Leaves Fans With 1 Big Concern


  • My Hero Academia Season 6 just received a new trailer.
  • The footage is stirring up excitement for the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.
  • Some fans are worried they’ll be disappointed after My Hero Academia Season 5.
Izuku Midoriya in 'My Hero Academia,' which dropped a trailer for season 6. His hair is green and he's smiling.
Izuku Midoriya in ‘My Hero Academia’ | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha

My Hero Academia Season 6 comes out this fall, and the anime just received a trailer teasing what’s to come. The new episodes will adapt the manga’s Paranormal Liberation War Arc, one of Kohei Horikoshi’s most popular storylines. And My Hero Academia fans are excited about the first look — but after season 5, they’re also worried the trailer could set them up for disappointment.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 trailer teases the anime’s big war

My Hero Academia Season 6 is just a few months away, and TOHO Animation dropped the first trailer for the coming episodes on YouTube. The brief look teases the looming confrontation between the villains — now dubbed the Paranormal Liberation Front — and the Pro Heroes. And it looks like things could get intense for the latter group.

Although the trailer doesn’t reveal much about Class 1-A’s role in the confrontation, it offers shots of characters like Mirko, Endeavor, Eraserhead, Midnight, and Hawks. All of them have moments in the spotlight coming up, giving viewers lots to look forward to.

Of course, Class 1-A gets a few shots preparing for the fight. Hopefully, their time at U.A. High has rendered them capable of taking on the enemy. The glimpses of Dabi and Shigaraki are chilling enough to leave fans worried. And that’s not all they’re concerned about after watching the trailer for My Hero Academia Season 6.

After ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 5, fans are concerned the trailer will set them up for disappointment

In general, the first look at My Hero Academia Season 6 has stirred up excitement, but fans on Reddit are reminding themselves that trailers can be misleading.

While many praised the shots of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, they admitted that they felt the same enthusiasm after the trailer for My Hero Academia Season 5. And plenty of Redditors found themselves disappointed with the most recent outing despite its promising promotional footage. Not only were they dissatisfied with the animation, but several felt it didn’t adapt the source material as well as it could have.

“This trailer looks really good,” one Redditor wrote. “But so did the first trailer of season 5.”

“I’m keeping expectations really low because a lot of these moments in the trailer just don’t hit at all thanks to how poorly they handled season 5,” another admitted.

Still, there’s no denying that some shots from the latest teaser have viewers ready for My Hero Academia‘s return. Just as many fans are hopeful season 6 will do the source material justice. And if it does, it’s likely to reignite interest in the anime — even among those who have been let down before.

Fans are hoping for ‘a proper adaptation’ in season 6

When it comes to My Hero Academia Season 6, concerns about the trailer prove one thing: fans really want Studio Bones to get the upcoming arc right.

“A proper adaption of season 6 might break the internet,” one Redditor wrote. “Praying it gets one.”

That seems to be the consensus among fans, many of whom expressed excitement about certain developments from the manga. Hopefully, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc proves as compelling on-screen as it was on the page.

My Hero Academia arrives in October 2022.

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