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My Hero Academia has tied many of its long-running storylines together in its recent manga chapters, and Kohei Horikoshi has finally answered one of the story’s biggest questions. Both the manga and the anime tease the possibility of a traitor at U.A. High. My Hero Academia Chapter 336 finally reveals who it is. It’s been quite a while since the series mentioned that particular subplot, and fans are feeling mixed about the big twist.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia manga Chapter 336.]

‘My Hero Academia’ manga leaks reveal the U.A. High traitor

A still of Deku in 'My Hero Academia' Season 5. He's standing and smiling, and you can see a tiled floor behind him. What happened to Deku's father?
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My Hero Academia manga Chapter 336 doesn’t come out in the U.S. until Sunday, Dec. 6, but leaks and fan translations tend to drop once Shonen Jump comes out in Japan. And the series began trending on Twitter when leaked images suggested that a student from Class 1-A was behind the USJ incident and training camp attacks.

The fan translation from confirms the development, putting dialogue to the images that had fans feeling suspicious. Deku probably doesn’t need more on his plate, but the end of the chapter sees him discovering that one of his classmates has been helping All for One all along.

Who is the traitor in ‘My Hero Academia’?

So, who is the U.A. High traitor? My Hero Academia manga Chapter 336 reveals that Yuga Aoyama was partially responsible for the League of Villains’ interference at U.A. High. Not only did he help them with the USJ incident, but he enabled them to kidnap Bakugo during the Training Camp Arc as well.

The chapter delves into Aoyama’s reason for helping All for One, which mostly stems back to his parents. When he was born without a Quirk, they went to the manga’s villain for help. That gave him leverage over them, and Aoyama has done whatever All for One asked simply to protect his parents.

He’s clearly feeling guilt over his actions, but Chapter 336 leaves off on a cliffhanger. It’s unclear what Deku will do with the information that Aoyama just gave him.

Fans are mixed on the manga’s Aoyama reveal


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The revelation that Aoyama is My Hero Academia’s traitor does make sense given his body’s trouble adapting to his own Quirk — and his suspicious behavior toward Deku earlier in the manga.

Of course, that doesn’t mean all My Hero Academia fans are satisfied with the big reveal. Many assumed Horikoshi had abandoned the traitor storyline, and Chapter 335 intentionally led readers to think another character was guilty. With Aoyama’s secret coming out, fans on Reddit feel anywhere from unsatisfied to amused.

Several have commented on how silly it seems for One for All to give Aoyama such a difficult Quirk in the first place. Others were disappointed that Toru Hagakure didn’t wind up being the traitor, especially since it would have given her character more to do.

And even those who found Aoyama to be a bigger twist than Hagakure are feeling sorry for his character. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to him if the rest of the heroes get wind of his treachery.

Read the official translation of My Hero Academia manga chapter 336 on VIZ on Sunday, Dec. 6.