‘My Hero Academia’: What Time Are the Summer 2022 OVA Episodes on Crunchyroll?


  • My Hero Academia’s summer OVA episodes will hit Crunchyroll on Aug 1.
  • The 2 OVAs, “HLB” and “Laugh! As If You Are in Hell,” will hit the streamer at 5 a.m. PST.
  • My Hero Academia Season 6 recently received a premiere date of Oct. 1.
Key art for 'My Hero Academia' Season 5's OVA episodes, which are coming to Crunchyroll in August. It features Class 1-A dressed in baseball uniforms.
Key art for ‘My Hero Academia’ OVAs | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha

My Hero Academia’s summer 2022 OVA episodes had their North American premiere during Anime Expo, but they’ll make their way to a wider audience on Aug. 1. Those hoping to stream the OVAs ahead of My Hero Academia Season 6 will have plenty of time to do so. But what time do My Hero’s summer OVA episodes come out on Crunchyroll, and what can viewers expect?

What time are ‘My Hero Academia’s summer OVA episodes on Crunchyroll?

My Hero Academia’s summer 2022 OVA episodes will hit Crunchyroll bright and early on Aug 1. According to the company, they’ll debut on its platform at the following times in the U.S.:

  • PST: 5 a.m.
  • CST: 7 a.m.
  • EST: 8 a.m.

Both subbed and dubbed versions of the new OVAs will be available, with the following dubs confirmed: English, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The latest additions to the franchise will present Deku and his classmates with fun new challenges. On the heels of My Hero Academia Season 5, the OVAs are exactly what fans need before diving into season 6.

What are the new OVA episodes about?

If this is the first you’re hearing of My Hero Academia’s summer OVA episodes, let’s break down what you can expect from them.

The anime is bringing fans two OVAs to tide them over until season 6: “HLB,” short for Hero League Baseball, and “Laugh! As If You Are in Hell.” 

“HLB” is exactly what its title suggests. It will see Pro Heroes and several of the students from U.A. High engaged in a tense game of baseball. With both teams going Plus Ultra, there’s no telling who will win. And Crunchyroll’s synopsis suggests a villain may interrupt as they’re hitting home runs:

“It’s game day! The last game of HLB championship is between Gang Orca and Shishido’s two rival agencies. They form a team (‘Orcas’ and ‘Lionels’) to compete. In the world of HLB, there is no rule — using their quirks is of course accepted. However, just when the game is about to finish, they are interrupted by a villain. Who will be the winner of HLB!?”

“Laugh! As If You Are in Hell” takes place during Deku’s work study at the Endeavor Agency. The Number One hero and his team are tasked with taking down a graffiti artist named Smiley. The problem? According to the episode’s synopsis, it’s impossible to get near the guy without bursting into laughter:

“One day, Smiley draws a doodle on Endeavor’s house! Being furious, Endeavor himself and the 1-A trio go out to get the villain. However, Smiley’s quirk turns out to be something ridiculous but powerful… It is to make anyone who looks into his eyes laugh hysterically!”

Both OVAs sound like fun ways to engage with our favorite characters. And we’re probably going to need these comical episodes when My Hero Academia Season 6 arrives.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 comes out in October

My Hero Academia Season 6 is slated for the fall 2022 anime season, and it recently received a premiere date of Oct. 1. The coming episodes will cover the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, which sees the Pro Heroes engaged in a full-on battle with the League of Villains and their new allies.

Needless to say, it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster — and we may need a break to watch some Hero League Baseball in between. Thankfully, with the new OVAs, we can unwind from the stress of the looming fight.

My Hero Academia Season 6 debuts on Oct. 1. In the meantime, fans can check out the anime’s summer OVA episodes, which will be available on Crunchyroll on Aug. 

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