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My Hero Academia is on hiatus between the anime’s fifth and sixth seasons, but its newest movie is keeping fans preoccupied in the interim. My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission debuted internationally on Oct. 29, and it’s already outdone the previous two My Hero films at the box office. Like those installments, the latest theatrical release takes the beloved anime characters on an adventure far from home. Of course, that also means introducing some new faces into the mix. Who are the major new characters you’ll meet in the My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission?

[Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for World Heroes’ Mission.]

Deku goes on the run with Rody Soul in ‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’

The movie poster for 'My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.' It shows Deku and his classmates in the middle, with a pyramid on the left and a cityscape on the right.
Official poster for ‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’ | Crunchyroll

The biggest new character in the third My Hero Academia movie is Rody Soul, a boy around Deku’s age who’s been fending for himself for years. Rody lives in Otheon, where the film opens, and he’s resorted to minor criminal gigs in order to survive. After losing both parents, Rody cares for his younger brother and sister. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe — even if it means engaging in a morally grey line of work.

When he takes a job to deliver a suitcase, Rody gets pulled into the main villain’s master plan. Deku moves to save him from a compromised police force, but that just leaves them as wanted criminals. Thus begins their journey to stop the Big Bad and clear their names. Of course, their vastly different personalities could very well get in the way of those goals.

Pino, Roro, and Lala are Rody’s motivation in the film

Along with Rody come three other new My Hero Academia characters: Pino, Roro, and Lala. Pino is a small, pink bird who travels with Rody, and he’s easily one of the most lovable additions to the franchise.

Meanwhile, Roro and Lala are Rody’s younger siblings, both of whom play a relatively small role in the film. They serve as Rody’s motivation most of the time — both for getting into trouble in the first place and for finding a way home.

Flect Turn is a villain dedicated to eradicating Quirks

Every anime movie needs a villain, and Flect Turn plays that part in the latest addition to the My Hero franchise. Flect Turn boasts a powerful Quirk that allows him to reflect attacks back on his opponents. However, that’s not what makes him a dangerous foe to contend with.

More worrisome is Flect Turn’s reach, which extends eerily far given his philosophy. The villain is essentially a cult leader, and he has a large following — one that consists of both Quirk users and self-proclaimed ordinary people. Even government officials and the police are in on his plans, making him a difficult person to keep up with.

Belos and Shidero make a powerful allies for Flect Turn

Although Flect Turn is the primary villain in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, Deku and Rody have a few close calls with a woman named Belos. She boasts an archery Quirk that makes it difficult for Deku and Rody to avoid her attacks, especially when they don’t see them coming. She’s also quite skilled on a motorcycle, so running from her is no easy feat. Belos may not be the major villain the heroes are up against, but she certainly makes a fierce foe.

Shidero joins Belos in her pursuit of Deku and Rody, and his Quirk allows him to create huge iron balls that can be leveraged against his opponents. His brute strength alongside Belos’ speed is nothing to underestimate. Deku and Rody will have their hands full with these two.

Clair Voyance joins the Pro Heroes in ‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission’


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While My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission focuses heavily on Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki, it does show other Pro Heroes and members of Class 1-A attempting to eliminate the threat Flect Turn poses to the general public. Among the Pros is a new hero named Clair Voyance whose Quirk allows her to see through just about anything.

Clair Voyance fights alongside Endeavor and the heroes from his agency, and although she’s not a major player in this movie, it’s possible she could show up in the anime eventually.

‘My Hero Academia’s main characters are challenged by Serpenters and Leviathan

Finally, My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission challenges Deku’s friends with its introduction of Serpenters and Leviathan. More villains working under Flect Turn, these opponents have powerful enough Quirks to rival even Bakugo and Todoroki’s abilities.

Seprenters are a pair of twins who can cut their enemies to pieces with long, sharp cables that connect to their bodies. Meanwhile, Leviathan has the power to control water currents, rendering him nearly invincible to Todoroki’s dual Quirk. These villains make quite a match for Class 1-A’s top students, and moviegoers can expect plenty of action when they arrive on-screen.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is currently playing in select theaters throughout North America.