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The reality TV show My Strange Addiction is a guilty pleasure for many people. We all know that reality television is all the rage these days, but we also have to admit that this particular television show takes on a life of its own.

The show features things that most people never even thought possible, and often times, it is hard to stop watching as we see people who have addictions to the oddest things. Looking at it from another perspective, it must be quite difficult for people to appear on television and deal with odd behaviors that they are finding it next to impossible to let go of. After all, there are so many viewers who can be extremely judgmental, which is something that not many people take into consideration.

Ever since the show premiered, we have enjoyed watching one bizarre addiction after another, and now, it is being said that a woman on the show who was addicted to puppets may have been a scammer all along. 

The premise of ‘My Strange Addiction’

Tv personality Dr. Mike Dow
Tv personality Dr. Mike Dow | Michael Buckner/Getty Images for LOGO

For those who may not know, let’s do a quick rundown of what My Strange Addiction is all about. Premiering in December 2010, the show features people who have weird addictions that the rest of the population just can’t relate to. Realistically, everyone has some sort of addiction — whether it be that we sip coffee all day long or just can’t seem to get enough of our favorite type of candy.

My Strange Addiction takes this to a new level entirely, focusing on people who are addicted to bizarre, and often times, dangerous things. Some people do things that put their health and well-being on the line, and it seems the problem is much more deep-rooted than the average person can understand.

Even so, during the 6 seasons of the show, millions of people tuned in to see the latest unusual behavior or habits that were featured in the latest episode.

Some of the most popular episodes

With a show like My Strange Addiction, it is pretty safe to assume that everyone has a different favorite. After all, it is not every day that we run into someone who likes to eat bathroom cleanser or someone else whose drink of choice is nail polish. So, what are some of the most popular episodes that have ever aired?

According to Ranker, quite a few. Die-hard fans will surely remember the episode about a woman who drank about 15 tablespoons of gasoline every day. Then, there was the episode that featured someone who couldn’t stop eating rocks. And, let’s not forget about the episode in which we met a young woman who was addicted to tanning, laying in dangerous tanning beds as much as three times per day. 

‘My Strange Addiction’: The puppet scam


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It is hard to believe that people can be addicted to such mind-boggling things, yet there are enough of them that an entire television show revolved around just that. Anyone who was an avid watcher will remember the show about April Buckner, a ventriloquist who was addicted to puppets, per Screen Rant.

While that certainly wasn’t the most off-the-wall addiction ever featured on the show, some people think that Buckner may have been scamming everyone the whole time.

According to a source, “she has scammed TLC into believing she has this addiction when in fact this is a typical and sad attempt on her part to get fame, fortune, and above all, attention.”

However, this may not be the truth. Buckner went so far as to choose the puppets over her own fiancee, so we can pretty much come to the conclusion that her addiction was real, and she wasn’t scamming anyone in order to appear on the show and achieve fame.